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Surf 4 the Sea Rescheduled SCHEDULE

The Surf 4 the Sea has been rescheduled for September 27-28 at Oceanside Pier.
SCHEDULE: Surf for the Sea – Heat Schedule 2014
Entry Form:     Surf_for_the_Sea_revised_dates_&_Location_2014

Hello everyone we have a makeup date for Surf for the Sea –  Sept 27 & 28 at Oceanside Pier.  Due to the Harbor Days event at the Harbor we will be moving the event to the Pier. The conditions prior to the event will determine which side of the Pier.  An update has been posted on our facebook page  We were able to work with the City of Oceanside to secure this date and location in order to avoid conflicts with many other surf events.  Hope this works for you.  

This is the way we will handle the entries:
1) If you have already signed up and PAID for the event, you have a secure spot in your division(s).
2) If you signed up via e-mail or phone and have not paid, you will need to send in your entry with your fee in order to hold and keep your spot.  A revised entry form is attached.  This will need to be received by next Wednesday, Sept 16.  You have time to mail to 904 Leonard Ave., Oceanside 92054 or you can drop it by this address and put in drop box by my front door. 
3) After Wed Sept 16 I will then fill the spots that have not been paid for on a first come, first serve basis.  Surf for the Sea was almost full in most divisions before the postponement, so if we do not receive your entry & fee before the new deadline, you will loose your spot.
If you already paid and cannot make the new dates, please e-mail me so we can work with you.  Remember to check the facebook page and your e-mails for any new updates.  See you soon.  
Carolyn & Erik Krammer, Contest Directors


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The Scholastic Surf Series completed event # 4 for San Diego Middle School Div 2 surfing on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at La Jolla Shores. Surf was fun size with 2 to 3 foot waves with some windy conditions. San Diego Middle School Division 2 will finish up their 5th event on Sunday, April 27, 2014. Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support this season. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Admin Director, at 760-518-2727 / [email protected], or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director, 760-439-0863 / [email protected] Middle School State Champs May 3 & 4 at Oceanside.

Team Results Div 2 Points
1. Sanderling Waldorf 124
2. Pacific Beach 108
3. Calavera Hills 87
4. Waldorf San Diego 64
5. St. James 61
6. Imperial Beach 50
7. Diegueno “B” 43

Individual Results Div 2

Boys Shortboard
1. Garrett Cleary, St. James
2. Dylan El-Ghoroury, Sanderling Waldorf
3. Dennis El-Ghoroury, Sanderling Waldorf
4. Justice Guevara, Calavera Hills
5. Tyler Reed, Pacific Beach
6. Sebastian Rohrer, St. James

Boys Longboard
1. Dylan El-Ghoroury, Sanderling Waldorf
2. Colin Quinn, Sanderling Waldorf
3. Garrett Cleary, St. James
4. Kasey Bowles, Waldorf San Diego
5. Zach Hastings, Imperial Beach
6. Trent Smith, Waldorf San Diego

Girls Shortboard
1. Shelby Moore, Pacific Beach
2. Ella Frazee, Waldorf San Diego
3. Ciara Gray, Pacific Beach
4. Holly Alvarez, Calavera Hills
5. Vivian Drewelow, Sanderling Waldorf
6. Kamden Miller, Calavera Hills

Girls Longboard

1. Ciara Gray, Pacific Beach
2. Emma Wilson, St. James
3. Holly Alvarez, Calavera Hills
4. Ella Frazee, Waldorf San Diego
5. Raena Hardison, Sanderling Waldorf
6. Vivian Drewelow, Sanderling Waldorf

Coed Bodyboard
1. Paul Kincaid, Imperial Beach
2. Nicolas Campagna, Pacific Beach
3. Rory Sturgis, Diegueno
4. Jack Patterson, Pacific Beach
5. Josh Urich, St. James
6. Kai Stern, Sanderling Waldorf

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High School State Championships

Attention Individual’s Competitors!

There are still openings available for the High School State Championships INDIVIDUAL Competition on Monday, April 7 at Oceanside Harbor. For Entry Form and more details please go to the State Championship link on our website. Entries will be accepted on a first come-first served basis by POSTMARKED date until all open slots are filled. Entry form here

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State Championship T-shirt Design Contest

The Scholastic Surf Series is calling on all SSS competitors to submit their artwork for the design of the SSS State Championship 2014 T-Shirt. The winning design will be considered for use on the official 2014 State championship tee. The winning designer will receive $200.00. We know there are talented artists in the SSS and look forward to your submissions.

1. Must include “Scholastic Surf Series State Championships 2014”

2. You may submit in 72 dpi but if the winning design is used it will need to be 300 dpi.

Deadline for submissions is Feb. 21

Submit your designs to [email protected]

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Jan. 25/26 Contests

UPDATE: SSS High School contests are ON for Sunday, 1-26 at Oceanside and Ventura!


The Saturday events for Middle School at Ventura Fairgrounds and Oceanside Pier have been postponed (will be rescheduled for another date tba).

Check back tomorrow, Saturday for an update on the high school events for Sunday at Ventura and Oceanside.

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