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OC Middle and High School Results


Church – October 19, 2013

Team Results – Middle School

1.  Shorecliffs  275

2.  Thurston  158

3.  Bernice Ayer  152

4.  Marco Forster  97

5.  Vista Del Mar  68

6.  Niguel Hills  64

7.  Don Juan Avila  59

Individual Results –  Middle School

Boys Shortboard

1.  Curren Dand, Shorecliffs

2.  Gunner Day, Shorecliffs

3.  Noah Hohenester, Bernice Ayer

4.  Noah Atwood, Shorecliffs

5.  Gus Day, Shorecliffs

6.  Crosby Colapinto, Bernice Ayer

Boys Longboard

1.  Gus Day, Shorecliffs

2.  Noah Atwood, Shorecliffs

3.  Ricky Foder, Marco Forster

4.  Finn Beard, Shorecliffs

5.  Jared Bernier, Bernice Ayer

6.  Noah Beato, Don Juan Avila

Girls Shortboard

1.  Alexa Elseewi, Bernice Ayer

2.  Samantha Sibley, Shorecliffs

3.  Bethany Zelasko, Shorecliffs

4.  Zoe Mortensen, Shorecliffs

5.  Kayla Coscino, Thurston

6.  Lily Benjamin, Marco Forster

Girls Longboard

1.  Cameron Duby, Marco Forster

2.  Alexa Elseewi, Bernice Ayer

3.  Alexis Morgan, Shorecliffs

4.  Mason Grey, Niguel Hills

5.  Olivia Stokes, Thurston

6.  Megan Mathews, Thurston

Coed Bodyboard

1.  Nick Furlotte, Shorecliffs

2.  Noah Hammond, Shorecliffs

3.  Osvaldo Rodriguez, Bernice Ayer

4.  Sabino Lopez, Bernice Ayer

5.  Nathan Elsner, Niguel Hills

6.  Logan Brown, Marco Forster


Team Results – High School

Tesoro   46                  def       J Serra Catholic  44

St. Margarets  58         def       Aliso Niguel  0

El Toro                        Win     Bye

Individual Results  –  High School

Mens Shortboard

1.  Liam Galligan, J Serra Catholic

2.  Colin DeLaPena, J Serra Catholic

3.  Sean Galligan, J Serra Catholic

4.  Vince D’Angelo, Tesoro

5.  Wade Hoy, El Toro

6.  Ryan Kelly, J Serra Catholic

Mens Longboard

1.  Vince D’Angelo, Tesoro

2.  Thomas German, J Serra Catholic

3.  Grant Deane, Tesoro

4.  Nick Scheel, St. Margarets

5.  Jake Salvat, El Toro

6.  Chaz Hoy, El Toro

Womens Shortboard

1.  Ashley Beeson, Tesoro

2.  Kortney Jones, Tesoro

3.  Dana Morris, El Toro

4.  Michaela Xu, St. Margarets

Womens Longboard

1.  Kortney Jones, Tesoro

2.  Kara Monaghan, Tesoro

3.  Dana Morris, El Toro

4.  Michaela Xu, St. Margarets

Coed Bodyboard

1.  Eric Parkhurst, El Toro

2.  Aidan Smith, St. Margarets

3.  Ethan Orlaska, Tesoro

4.  Brandon Gold, J Serra Catholic

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Competition Clinic




What:  An educational program directed towards the basic understanding of surfing competition in the United States for competitors, coaches, parents, team managers and the general public.  The clinic is designed by Erik Krammer of International Surf Services and presented by Surfing America with the rules and ideals of the International Surfing Association (ISA) and the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP).  It will cover judging criteria, interferences, discipline, rules, and what it takes to get to the next level of competition.

When & Where:   *10/15 – San Diego, Mission Valley Resort and Spa

                                 *10/17 – San Juan Capistrano, Community Center

                                 *10/22 – Ventura, Pierpont Inn and Spa

                                 *10/23 – Oceanside, Downtown Public Library

*10/24 – Huntington Beach, Golden West College – Forum I

Time:  6:30 – 8:30 pm    Registration begins at 6:00 pm

Presenter:  Erik Krammer, Surfing America Judging Director      [email protected]         [email protected]

Price:  $25 in advance, or $30 at the door

Sign-up:  Advance registration on-line only at:

More information:

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Tilly wins Silver Medal in Peru


Rachel Tilly, Team USA and SSS surfer won the silver medal at the ISA World Longboard Championships today in Peru. Rachel went into the repo rounds early and fought her way back into the final. Congratulations to Rachel Tilly!!

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