Emma Wood, Ventura – Oct 21, 2023

Our second LA-SB SSS Middle School event was held at Emma Wood State Beach in Ventura. It was a warm sunny day with great conditions that lasted through the finals. The waves were in the 4 to 5 foot range with a mix of northwest wind swell and some south swell. The mix of the two swells made for some fun corners and the kids from all schools were ripping the sand bottom beach break. This time it was Cabrillo, the local Ventura team that smashed the team points at their home break with a total of 264 total team points. Thank you to the parents and coaches! We are looking forward to seeing you at Ventura Fair Grounds on November 4th.

Team Results

  1. Cabrillo                  264
  2. Malibu White         196
  3. Balboa                    123
  4. Anacapa                   67
  5. Malibu Black            58
  6. Wildwood                51
  7. Santa Barbara MS    20

Boys Shortboard

  1. Zion Threlkeld, Malibu White
  2. Bucky Karvasek, Cabrillo
  3. Miles Christenson, Cabrillo
  4. Owen Powell, Cabrillo
  5. Dashiel Echar, Malibu White
  6. Enzo Niccoli, Cabrillo

Boys Longboard

  1. Kai Landers, Cabrillo
  2. Enzo Niccoli, Cabrillo
  3. Dylan Cooper, Wildwood
  4. Kenyon Jones, Malibu Black
  5. Eli Stottle, Malibu White
  6. Curren Jensen, Malibu White

Girls Shortboard

  1. Lea McCleery, Cabrillo
  2. Brooklyn Bovard, Malibu White
  3. Emerson Brady, Malibu White
  4. Abigail Bauerlein, Cabrillo
  5. Mazzy Hebert, Balboa
  6. Lulu Rankin, Cabrillo

Girls longboard

  1. Delilah Safran, Cabrillo
  2. Ellie Sutton,Cabrillo
  3. Abigail Bauerlein, Cabrillo
  4. Dot Powell, Wildwood
  5. Sofia Myers, Malibu White
  6. Alabama Karvasek, Balboa

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Curren Jensen, Malibu White
  2. Emmett Klohr, Malibu Black
  3. Kai Andrews, Cabrillo
  4. Whalen Nauta, Balboa
  5. Gresham Meckstroth, Anacapa
  6. Max Lewis, Wildwood

.Google Map click here

This is the stretch of beach just south of Solimar Beach and north of Emma Wood State Park.

From Emma Woods take Pacific Coast Highway north.
Contest will be on your left side.
Park along the beach head in to save space.

From Solimar Beach take Pacific Coast Highway south.
The contest will be on the right hand side before Emma Wood State Park.
Park along the beach head in to save space.