San Clemente Pier – Nov 18, 2023

All week rain was in the forecast for Saturday. By setup time 6am Saturday morning, we had 18 minutes of rain then no rain and no wind with sunshine all day long! Medium tide all day (the best for San Clemente Pier). In the water there was a south swell sometimes cresting slightly overhead.  The southwest swell was waist to chest high, creating plenty of waves for the competitors. Nail biter match of the day; Crean Lutheran vs Santa Margarita. With everyone having surfed except the bodyboarders Santa Margarita was holding the lead, 41 – 40. It was up to the bodyboard heat deciding who would win the match. Lucas Colon, Crean Lutheran was the hero placing 4th over his rival from Santa Margarita taking his team across the finish line with Crean Lutheran 44 taking the win over Santa Margarita 42. Congratulations to all the teams and to all the competitors.

Team Results:

Crean Lutheran 44            Defeats          Santa Margarita 42

Laguna Beach 50              Defeats          J Serra 44

Dana Hills 59                    Defeats           St. Margaret’s 32

Capistrano Valley                 Win              BYE

Mens Shortboard

1ST      Tosh Johnson                     Dana Hills

2ND      Jacob Cruse                      Dana Hills

3RD      Charlie Denham                Saint Margarets

4TH      Matt Vermilya                   Laguna Beach

5TH      Keegan Lane                     Capo Valley

6TH      Jacob Brown                     Dana Hills

Womens Shortboard

1ST      Brooke Stephens               J Serra

2ND      Sunny Walder                   Dana Hills

3RD      Makaya Speir                    Dana Hills

4TH      Maddy Maschopolous      Capo Valley

5TH      Delaney Rowe                   Crean Lutheran

6TH      Abby Isaacs                       Capo Valley

Mens Longboard

1ST      O’Shea Walder                   Dana Hills

2ND      Baron Banuelos                Dana Hills

3RD      Nate Viscount                   Santa Margarita

4TH      Blake Hirst                         J Serra

5TH      Braeden Nock                    Saint Margarets

6TH      Oliver Mattos                     Santa Margarita

 Womens Longboard

1ST      Indie Hoffman                     J Serra

2ND      Sunny Walder                     Dana Hills

3RD      Abby Viscount                    Santa Margarita

4TH      Savanna Sharp                    Capo Valley

5TH      Delaney Rowe                     Crean Lutheran

6TH      Taylor Ames                         J Serra


1ST      Jacob Crouse                       Dana Hills

2ND      Blake Hirst                          J Serra

3RD      Vince Wallstein                    Laguna Beach

4TH      Lucas Colon                         Crean Lutheran

5TH      Summit Awad                       Capo Valley

6TH      Sawyer Collins                     Saint Margarets

7TH     Max Rottach                         Santa Margarita

Google Map Here

Parking:  Meters $1.50 / hour

From Southbound 5 exit Palizada and turn Right
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.

From Northbound 5 exit Presidio and turn Left
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.