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St. Margaret’s  45                    Def     Capo Valley Christian  0

Santa Margarita-1  43             Def     Santa Margarita-2  25

Laguna Beach   50                  Def     J Serra Catholic  41


  1. Charlie Denham, St. Margaret’s
  2. Jude Young, Laguna Beach
  3. Maddox Rapp, Laguna Beach
  4. Matt Vermilya, Laguna Beach
  5. Gavin Pike, Laguna Beach
  6. Christian Schenk, Laguna Beach


  1. Christian Schenk, Laguna Beach
  2. Michael Cudla, St. Margaret’s
  3. Brenton Barlow, St. Mararet’s
  4. Braeden Nock, St. Margaret’s
  5. Blake Hirst, J Serra
  6. Nixon Broders, Laguna Beach


  1. Brooke Stephens, J Serra
  2. Kaelyn Chism, Laguna Beach
  3. Abby Viscount, Santa Margarita-1
  4. Heidi Tufo, St. Margaret’s
  5. Ella Calaicano, Santa Margarita-1


  1. Indie Hoffman, J Serra
  2. Emma Farkas, Santa Margarita-2
  3. Ruby Hodge, Santa Margarita-1
  4. Seylah Childres, J Serra
  5. Heidi Tufo, St. Margaret’s


  1. Ethan Sharifian, St. Margaret’s
  2. Vince Wallstein, Laguna Beach
  3. Finn Yeomans, J Serra
  4. Leo Vujovich, Santa Margarita-1

Google Maps click here

From the 405 exit on Goldenwest  St. head south/west towards the beach to
Pacific Coast Hwy turn left.  9th Street is on your right hand side.

Metered Parking along Pacific Coast Hwy.
Free parking in the residential area.
Pay Public Parking available just south of 9th Street.