Scholastic Surf Series

Goldenwest, HB – Dec 9, 2018

Team Results
Pacifica Christian 59 def J Serra Catholic 34
Laguna Beach 66 def El Toro 6
St. Margaret’s 62 def Santa Margarita 19

Individual Results
Mens Shortboard
1. Jake Vandenburg, St. Margaret’s
2. Tyson Lockhart, Laguna Beach
3. Mitchell Tysler, Santa Margarita
4. Christian Schenk, Laguna Beach
5. Zander Adelsohn, Pacifica Christian
6. Holden Geary, Laguna Beach

Womens Shortboard
1. Kelly Smith, Laguna Beach
2. Claire Kelly, Laguna Beach
3. Johanna Snider, Pacifica Christian
4. Kennedy Barlow, St. Margaret’s
5. Lydon Cassela, Pacific Christian
5. Chantz Norris, St. Margaret’s

Mens Longboard
1. Neil Messmer, El Toro
2. Zander Adelsohn, Pacifica Christian
3. Andrew McAleer, St. Margaret’s
4. Aiden Murphy, Pacifica Christian
5. Alex Wick, Laguna Beach
6. Jackson Jenkins, Laguna Beach

Womens Longboard
1. Claire Kelly, Laguna Beach
2. Emily Polk, Pacifica Christian
3. Chantz Norris, St. Margaret’s
4. Cameron Taylor, Laguna Beach
5. Emma Blaze, Pacifica Christian
6. Kennedy Barlow, St. Margaret’s

1. Bailey Kotez, Santa Margarita
2. Dylan Zoller, Laguna Beach
3. Nick Kutscher, Pacific Christian
4. Justin Memenas, J Serra Catholic


Google Map here

Parking: There is metered parking along PCH and free parking in the residential area.