Scholastic Surf Series

La Jolla Shores – Jan 10, 2015

1. Oceanside 123
2. Muirlands “B” 121
3. Imperial Beach 97
4. Santa Fe Christian 80
5. Pacific Beach 73
6. Calavera Hills 67
7. St. James 41
8. Waldorf San Diego 11

Boys Shortboard
1. Jack Stewart, Imperial Beach
2. Peter Stewart, Imperial Beach
3. Brandon Pugsley, Oceanside
4. Braeden Steele, Oceanside
5. Justice Guevara, Calavera Hills
6. Sebastian Valencia, Calavera Hills

Boys Longboard
1. Peter Stewart, Imperial Beach
2. Jake Klimkiewicz, Muirlands “B”
3. Andrew Feighan, Pacific Beach
4. Carson Smith, Santa Fe Christian
5. Brandon Pugsley, Oceanside
6. Tyler Blackburn, Muirlands “B”

Girls Shortboard
1. Joceline Marchand, Oceanside
2. Makena Foster, Oceanside
3. Molly Tuscen, Muirlands “B”
4. Royce Epperson, Muirlands “B”
5. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
6. Illiana Lopez, Imperial Beach

Girls Longboard
1. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
2. Jessie Grigolite, Pacific Beach
3. Emma Nooren, Muirlands “B”
4. Illiana Lopez, Imperial Beach
5. Bella Phillips, Pacific Beach
6. Marina Juboori, Muirlands “B”

Coed Bodyboard
1. Brody Odmark, Muirlands “B”
2. Jack Stewart, Imperial Beach
3. Crusoe Frapwell, Muirlands “B”
4. Chris Caccavo, St. James
5. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
6. Levi Lord, Imperial Beach

Freeway southbound exit Genesee Ave. Keep right at fork merge on Genesee Ave.  Turn left on N. Torrey Pines Rd.  Turn Right onto La Jolla Shores Dr.  Turn right on Calle Frescota.  This will take you to the parking lot.