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LA/Santa Barbara High School Results October 19 2014 at Mandalay The Scholastic…

LA/Santa Barbara High School Results
October 19 2014 at Mandalay

The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA) completed event # 1 of the Los Angeles-Santa Barbara High School Division surf season at Mandalay Beach. The surf pumped all day and the kids challenged themselves in the exciting conditions.
The competition was on at 7:00am and one of the first rides to get the beach pumped was Chance Alexander’s frontside tube ride. Everybody knew we were in for a good day at that point. As the first rounds ended it was clear there were a few competitors who really wanted to take the win. In the Boys Shortboard Jason Knell was the class of the day and put up scores that were hard to beat. He won every heat he was in and took home his first High School win. Close on his heals was Eric Ronning but Jason sealed the final on his last wave. The ladies really showed off at this event. They didn’t back down from the conditions and Vienna Werner took a double victory. Good job to everybody involved and look forward to the next event. The best wave of the day was scored by Kyle Davis with a 9.33 average.

Team vs Team
Santa Monica 74 vs Oak Park A 62
Santa Barbara 79.5 vs San Marcos 54.5
Ventura 68.5 vs Malibu 63.6
Palisades 69.5 vs Dos Pueblos 66.5

Mens Short Board
1. Jason Knell Santa Barbara
2. Eric Ronning Ventura
3. Kyle Davis Santa Barbara
4. SJ Murphy Malibu
5. Henry Jenkinson Malibu
6. Dane Holroyd Santa Barbara

Mens Longboard
1. Chase Nelson Santa Barbara
2. Cole Spooner Oak Park
3. Hanzik Mikhalek Ventura
4. Tristan Werner Oak Park
5. Colby Parker Malibu
6. Greg kroner San Marcos

Womens Short board
1. Vienna Werner Oak Park
2. Gracie George Santa Monica
3. Kyralai Duppel Santa Monica
4. Jackie Regan Ventura
5. Jessee Ransone Santa Barbara
6. Roya Visconti Palisades

Women Long Board
1. Vienna Werner Oak Park
2. Jessee Ransone Santa Barbara
3. Carina Schipper Dos Pueblos
4. Alyssa Elliot Ventura
5. Natalie Hubbard Santa Monica
6. Summer Bosse San Marcos

1. William Wright Santa Monica
2. Jay Rodgers Ventura
3. Kyle Martinelli Oak Park
4. Chad Skowron Palisades
5. Zac Young San Marcos
6. Katie Burelson Dos Pueblos