LA/Santa Barbara Middle School Results: The Scholastic Surf Series a division o…

LA/Santa Barbara Middle School Results:

The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA) completed event # 1 of the Los Angeles-Santa Barbara Middle School Division surf season at Mandalay Beach. The surf pumped all day for the kids and many spectacular rides and attempts were made.
The competitions have grown in the 4 years I’ve been running them and it’s great to see the talent rise. More kids, more schools and more heats mean that the boys had to surf 6 times to make the final. That’s a lot of water time when the waves are 3-6′ and good. Memorable performances were Betsey Lee who took 1st in Longboard and 2nd in Shortboard. Shamus O’Hearn took it one step surfter and took 1st in both the Boys Shortboard and Boys Longboard. Good just to all the competitors and look forward to the next event.
Thank you to all our sponsors for your support as the kids get a chance to learn to compete in a great organization.

Team Results:

1. Santa Barbara Jr 155
2. Cabrillo 143
3. Malibu 130
4.Crane 169
5. Lincoln 101
6. Balboa 92
7. John Adams 76
8. Santa Barbara M/S 71
9. Paul Revere 65
10. Los Cerritos 49
11. Medea Creek 38

Boys Shortboard:
1. Shamus O’Hearn Santa Barbara Jr.
2. Bennett Kelly Lincoln
3. Marley Sapp Cabrillo
4. Gavin Eason Crane
5. Logan Carlson Balboa
6. Isaac Fishman John Adams

Boys Longboard:
1. Shamus O’Hearn Santa Barbara Jr
2. Zane Booth Crane
3. Gavin Eason Crane
4. Henry Haber Santa Barbara Middle
5. Kelly Brewer Santa Barbara Jr
6. Harry Fishman John Adams

Girls Shortboard:
1. Clara Wieder Paul Revere
2. Betsey Lee Malibu
3. Emma Higgins Cabrillo
4. Fiona Watkins Los Cerritos
5. Parker Clemmons Los Cerritos
6. Saxon Rhodes Malibu

Girls Longboard:
1. Betsey Lee Malibu
2. Jessica Wafford Santa Barbara Jr
3. Saxon Rhodes Malibu
4. Devan Randolf Santa Barbara MS
5. Tess Goddard John Adams
6. Taylor Eigenuis Cabrillo

1. Zane Booth Crane
2. Evan Stowell Cabrillo
3. Luke Spooner Medea Creek
4. Griffin Churchill Malibu
5. Chelsea Trotti Paul Revere
6. Miller Brianan Santa Barbara Jr.