LA/Santa Barbara Results: The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western…

LA/Santa Barbara Results:

The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA) completed event # 2 of the Los Angeles-Santa Barbara High School Division surf season at Heavens Beach in Malibu. The surf was surprisingly good all day. Glassy waves in the two-three foot range made for entertaining heats all day long.
The event kicked off with the team on team and the fun never stopped. All day long the kids kept going for it. The skies stayed clear and the wind stayed down as the finals got under way. A few highlights of the day were Hanzek Michalack of Ventura owning the Longboard division. Also Jason Knell went back to back with victories in the first two Mens Shortboard events. Vienna Werner took a convincing victory in the Womens Shortboard and Franky Seely was a step ahead of all the ladies in the Longboard division.

Team vs Team
Santa Monica 57 vs Palisades 76
Dos Pueblos 52 vs San Marcos 71
Oak Park “A” 51.5 vs Malibu 80.5
Santa Barbara 66 vs Ventura 63

Mens Short Board
1. Jason Knell Santa Barbara
2. Henry Jenkinson Malibu
3. Jeff Knell Santa Barbara
4. Eric Ronning Ventura
5. Jace Kennedy Santa Barbara
6. Ryder Sturges Malibu

Mens Longboard
1. Hanzik Mikhalek Ventura
2. Colby Parker Malibu
3. Cole Spooner Oak Park
4. Chase Nelson Santa Barbara
5. Greg kroner San Marcos
6. Rama Suyra Palisades

Womens Short board
1. Vienna Werner Oak Park
2. Jessee Ransone Santa Barbara
3. Frankie Seely Malibu
4. Jackie Regan Ventura
5. Kyralai Duppel Santa Monica
6. Gracie George Santa Monica

Women Long Board
1. Frankie Seely Malibu
2. Vienna Werner Oak Park
3. Maddie LoMonaco Santa Monica
4. Natalie Hubbard Santa Monica
5. Jessee Ransone Santa Barbara
6. Carina Schipper Dos Pueblos

1. William Wright Santa Monica
2. Chance Alexander Ventura
3. Chad Skowron Palisades
4. Zack Young San Marcos
5. Kyle Martinelli Oak Park
6. Chase Carlson Malibu