Midget Smith As we grow older day by day new generations come into being. The…

Midget Smith

As we grow older day by day new generations come into being. The new generations only know of the ones they’ve been exposed to. Just who is Midget Smith?

I met Midget when he was around 14. He was one of the best surfers in the area, quite well one of the best surfers around and a fierce competitor. Midget worked at the local surf shops in San Clemente and started shaping, mentoring under Terry Martin, master shaper. With his wave knowledge and shaping abilities, his shapes became some of the best on the planet. Pros came to him for his boards. I rode many of his boards as they made me feel like surfing, one board to the point it couldn’t be ridden any longer as it had finally fell apart. His boards were that good. If you ever had the chance to ride one of his boards he shaped you know the feeling. Midget was also a contest judge and eventually became an ASP North American head judge for many years. His contributions to the surfing world are many.

Midget was a husband, father, brother and friend to many. His wry sense of humor was unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met, sarchasm at its finest. He would also give you the shirt of his back if you need it, a heart of gold.

We lost Midget to cancer several years ago, but his memory lives on. This coming December 7-8, the WSA will hold the 5th tour event at the San Clemente Pier, the “Pier Rat Challenge”. A pier rat is a group of surfers that surfed the San Clemente Pier on a regular basis. This has gone on for generations. Midget was a 70’s pier rat, one of the originals.

For those who didn’t know him this is a short glimpse into the life of a great man and why the WSA honors him with this name on the event. For those that did know him, his memory is alive and lives on and we miss him.