Results of San Diego Middle School Div. 2: SAN DIEGO MIDDLE SCHOOLS DIV 2 APRI…

Results of San Diego Middle School Div. 2:

What a way to finish up the 5th and final event of the SSS series in some challenging waves. After a stormy morning the sun came out and shined on some 4-6 foot waves. The conditions were less than perfect and offered up some challenging conditions. The kids persevered and turned in some solid scores to finish off the day. Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support this season. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Admin Director, at 760-518-2727 / [email protected], or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director, 760-439-0863 / [email protected]. You can also check our website at for a current schedule of all SSS events in California. Middle School State Champs coming next weekend, May 3 & 4 at Oceanside.

Team Results Div 2 Points
1. Imperial Beach 128
2. Pacific Beach 115
3. Sanderling Waldorf 91
4. Diegueno “B” 77
5. St. James 71
6. Waldorf San Diego 55
7. Calavera Hills 20

Individual Results Div 2
Boys Shortboard
1. Peter Stewart, Imperial Beach
2. Jack Stewart, Imperial Beach
3. Garrett Cleary, St. James
4. Drake Mason Koehler
5. Zach Hastings, Imperial Beach
6. Dakotah Hooker, Imperial Beach

Boys Longboard
1. Colin Quinn, Sanderling Waldorf
2. Peter Stewart, Imperial Beach
3. Kasey Bowles, Waldorf San Diego
4. Nate Bizaack, St. James
5. Andrew Feighan, Pacific Beach
6. Dakotah Hooker, Imperial Beach
Girls Shortboard

1. Ella Frazee, Waldorf San Diego
2. Kamden Miller, Calavera Hills
3. Shelby Moore, Pacific Beach
4. Jana Roper, Diegueno “B”
5. Ciara Gray, Pacific Beach
6. Vivian Drewelow, Sanderling Waldorf

Girls Longboard
1. Ciara Gray, Pacific Beach
2. Raena Hardison, Sanderling Waldorf
3. Maggie Brady, St. James
4. Ella Frazee, Waldorf San Diego
5. Jana Roper, Diegueno “B”
6. Vivian Drewelow, Sanderling Waldor

Coed Bodyboard
1. Diego Lazaraga, Imperial Beach
2. Nicolas Campagna, Pacific Beach
3. Aidan Anderson, Sanderling Waldorf
4. Paul Kincaid, Imperial Beach
5. Jack Patterson, Pacific Beach
6. Chris Caccavo, St. James

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