Scholastic Surf Series



What a weekend for waves. Our SSS events this past weekend were on the leading edge of the large swells. With 4 to 6 foot waves on Saturday, our surfers charged the conditions with powerful waves coming from all directions. Sunny and warm days added to the delight of our competitors. Cathedral Catholic, San Marcos and Westview shared the Mens Shortboard final with 3 surfers each but it was Gavin Doan from Cathedral Catholic who pulled out the win with Nicholas Holdman from Westview 2nd and now holding onto a narrow lead going into the last event of the season. Garret Fields from Woodrow Wilson took the win in Mens Longboard, Maya Saulino from San Marcos just about cemented her lead in the Womens Shortboard while the McEvilly sisters, Hana and Keily battle it out for Womens Longboard title. The bodyboard title should be decided at the 5th and final event as Cullen McGee from Santa Fe Christian took the win at this event.

In Division 4 three teams are tied for the overall going into the fifth and final event of the season. Bishops, Coronado and El Camino all have 3 wins and 1 loss so the overall division title is still up in the air. Kai Matteo from Rancho Buena Vista won the Mens Shortboard, Ben Outlaw from Coronado took Mens Longboard, Chrissy Seggerman from Coronado, 1st Womens Shortboard, Sophia Drewelow from Grauer 1st Womens Longboard and Noa Hopper from Bishops took home the win in Bodyboard. The individual title races are too close to call and will be decided at the 5th and final event of the series.

Team Results Division 3
Cathedral Catholic 80 def Santa Fe Christian 47
San Marcos 68 def Westview 61
University City 74 def Woodrow Wilson 60

Individual Results – Division 3

Mens Shortboard
1. Gavin Doan, Cathedral Catholic
2. Nicholas Holdman, Westview
3. Noah Sullivan, Cathedral Catholic
4. Brice Smith, San Marcos
5. Cyrus Butler, San Marcos
6. Austin Pardi, Westview

Mens Longboard
1. Garret Fields, Woodrow Wilson
2. Kyle Davis, Santa Fe Christian
3. Austin Pardi, Westview
4. Carsten Lester, University City
5. Alex Vu, Westview
6. Nate Bizzack, Cathedral Catholic

Womens Shortboard
1. Maya Saulino, San Marcos
2. Clara Steinhauer, University City
3. Hailey Horan, Westview
4. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
5. Carly Bizzack, Cathedral Catholic
5. Sierra Verano, University City

Womens Longboard
1. Hana McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
2. Keily McEvilly, Cathedral Catholic
3. Clara Steinhauer, University City
4. Carly Bizzack, Cathedral Catholic
5. Hailey Horan, Westview
6. Kaliana Ashkarian, San Marcos

1. Cullen McGee, Santa Fe Christian
2. Noah Gerbecks, Wodrow Wilson
3. Gavin Doan, Cathedral Catholic
4. Carsten Lester, University City
5. Andre Fratian, Westview
6. J D Collings, San Maracos

Team Results Division 4
Grauer 50 def Rancho Buena Vista 38
Bishops 56 def Mission Bay 38
Coronado 46 def El Camino 39
Horizon 57 def Mar Vista 16

Individual Results – Division 4

Mens Shortboard
1. Kai Matteo, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Jared Fearon, Horizon
3. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
4. Dakota Hooker, Mar Vista
5. Kristian Kocherga, Coronado
6. Josh Johnson, Mar Vista

Mens Longboard
1. Ben Outlaw, Coronado
2. Colin Quinn, Grauer
3. Dylan Cremonesi, El Camino
4. Jakue Aguerre, Bishops
5. Noa Hopper, Bishops
6. Jared Fearon, Horizon

Womens Shortboard
1. Chrissy Seggerman, Coronado
2. Katelyn Zamudio, Bishops
3. Nikki Cowan, El Camino
4. Malia Kaleiohi, Horizon
5. Lael Dobson, Horizon
6. Shelby Moore, Mission Bay

Womens Longboard
1. Sophia Drewelow, Grauer
2. Katelyn Zamudio, Bishops
3. Dani Hill, Coronado
4. Naomi Collin, Rancho Buena Vista
5. Marley Hughes, Mission Bay
6. Esita Harper, Horizon

1. Noa Hopper, Bishops
2. Peterson Frith, Mar Vista
3. Nicholas Campagna, Mission Bay
4. Nick Kane, Horizon
5. Leo Greiner, Grauer
6. Derek Quinones, Rancho Buena Vista