SSS LA/Santa Barbara High School Div. 2 @ Summers Beach Results: What a differe…

SSS LA/Santa Barbara High School Div. 2 @ Summers Beach Results:

What a difference a day makes. The day before was raining all day and grey skies. This morning was clear and the sun was out in full force. Thanks again to Surface Sunscreen as it was needed.

As we were setting up in the dark I could tell the surf had picked up from the day before. The noise from the sets was loud and I was curious to see just how big it was. The event kicked off with the tide dropping and the swell increasing. The conditions were beautiful all day with light offshore winds and glassy surfaces making the 4-8 foot waves look really beautiful. This was going to test the kids. The shape was not very good at the low tide and a lot of drops were attempted but not made.

Once the team on team fun started, the fun never stopped. The skies stayed clear and the wind stayed down as the finals got under way. A few highlights of the day were Aaron Kinberb of Oak Park taking his second consecutive win in the Longboard division. Also Brock Piro of Oxnard High put everybody on notice and took the victory in the Mens Shortboard event. Brock scored the only perfect 10 of the day by pulling into a stand up tube. He made the tube section and then claimed it by just standing there and pulling into the closeout. The wave was easily 3 feet over his head. Emily Flavin took a convincing victory in the Womens Shortboard for the second event in a row.

Team vs Team
Oxnard 49 vs Calabasas 29
Westlake 30 vs Villanova 53
Loyola 51 vs Moorpark 18
Oak Park “B” 42 vs Agoura 46

Mens Short Board
1. Brock Piro Oxnard
2. Joe Sangster Westlake
3. Nicholas Shore Oxnard
4. Ryan Pierson Villanova
5. Owen Cockerill Agoura
6. Brycen Wright Oxnard

Mens Longboard
1. Aaron Kinberg Oak Park “B”
2. Clay Norian Calabasas
3. Sam Kurtzman Calabasas
4. Scott McIntosh Westlake
5. Evan Hilgenberg Oxnard
6. Lucky McClelland Oxnard

Womens Short board
1. Emily Flavin Loyola
2. Camille Rubel Agoura
3. Maddy Bailey Villanova
4. Gabby Zuniga Calabasas
5. Katherine Herbst Loyola

Women Long Board
1. Camille Rubel Agoura
2. Kaitlyn Dorff Calabasas
3. Emily Flavin Loyola
4. Tori Wyshak Calabasas
5. Natalie Balen Oak Park

1. Jack McAtee Villanova
2. Harrison Klien Calabasas
3. Camille Rubel Agoura
4. Jordan McEnroe Oak Park
4. Wyatt McLean Westlake