SSS LA/Santa Barbara Middle School @ Summers Beach results: The Scholastic Surf…

SSS LA/Santa Barbara Middle School @ Summers Beach results:

The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA) completed event # 2 of the Los Angeles-Santa Barbara Middle School surf season at Summers Beach in Ventura.

This year has been a challenge. Each event has had a mix of either too much weather or too much surf. This weekend had it all but we managed to push through the challenges and get it done. The event kicked off with the tide dropping and the swell building. The weather was forecasted to dump rain and it was just north of us but we stayed dry till around 9:30am. The surf was a solid over head with clean conditions but not a lot of shape with the low tide. Once the tide came up the surfing really started and the surviving stopped.

Highlights were newcomer Noah Klapp from Malibu taking her first win in Shortboard and Betsey Lee continuing her dominance in the Longboard. In the Boy’s side of things Kelly Brewer silently went about winning both Longboard and Shortboard divisions in a convincing manner. There were a lot of Ohhs and Ahhs as the kids pushed themselves in the trying conditions but in the end everybody had a blast.

> Team
> 1st Santa Barbara Jr 222pts
> 2nd Cabrillo 214 pts
> 3rd Malibu 161pts
> 4th John Adams 100 pts
> 5th Lincoln 99 pts
> 6th Santa Barbara MS 85 pts
> 7th Paul revere 77 pts
> 8th Los Cerritos 74 pts
> 9th Crane 61 pts
> 9th Medea Creek 61 pts
> 11th Balboa 57 pts
> Boys Short Board
> 1. Kelly Brewer Santa Barbara Jr.
> 2. Nick Johansen Santa Barbara Jr
> 3. Bennett Kelly Lincoln
> 4. Trevor Berry Cabrillo
> 5. Kai Hansen Santa Barbara Jr.
> 6. Miller Brichan Santa Barbara Jr.
> Boy’s Longboard
> 1. Kelly Brewer Santa Barbara Jr.
> 2. Oliver Davis Reed Santa Barbara Jr
> 3. Marley Sapp Cabrillo
> 4. Gabrial Ramirez Lincoln
> 5. Chris Jensen Malibu
> 6. Gavin Eason Crane
> Girl’s Short board
> 1. Noah Klapp Malibu
> 2. Betsey Lee Malibu
> 3. Lily Henley Cabrillo
> 4. JoJo Fitzsimmons John Adams
> 5. Emma Higgins Cabrillo
> 6. Sky Mainz Santa Barbara Jr
> Girl’s Long Board
> 1. Betsey Lee Malibu
> 2. Sky Mainz Santa Barbara Jr
> 3. Saxon Rhodes Malibu
> 4. Sydney Conway Paul Revere
> 5. Brooke Carlson
> 6. Taylor Eigenuis Cabrillo
> Bodyboard
> 1. Evan Stowell Cabrillo
> 2. Ben Reinig Balboa
> 3. Chris Jensen Malibu
> 4. Cayden Colasse Santa Barbara Jr
> 5. Owen Castillo Medea Creek
> 6. Owen D. Meldrum Crane