This is what is in the lineup for films! Can’t wait!

This is what is in the lineup for films! Can’t wait!

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Congrats go out to all of the filmmakers who submitted to the 2014 SDSFF. With a record number of submissions, the final picks were really difficult. Simply put, a lot of great films did not make it in.
That being said, here is the 2014 SDSFF "Official Selections."

Good Morning Miyazaki- (Matt Wescott) CA PREMIERE
Out in the Lineup- (Ian W. Thomson) SD PREMIERE
Beyond the Surface- (Crystal Thornburg-Homcy and Dave Homcy) WORLD PREMIERE
Almost Cut My Hair- (Ryan Lovelace) UNIVERSE PREMIERE
The Granite Stoke- (Dylan Ladds and Ryan Scura) CA PREMIERE
Remind Me to Forget- (Jeremy Asher Lynch) CA PREMIERE
Fading West- (Matt Katsolis) WORLD PREMIERE
Kushaya Igagasi- (Omelga Mthiyane) CA PREMIERE
The Old, the Young and the Sea- (Mario Hainzl and Andrea Jaritz) SD PREMIERE
Serendipity- (Simon Lamb) CA PREMIERE
The Cradle of Storms- (Bryce Lowe-White and Ben Weiland) SD PREMIERE
Tierra de Patagones- (Julian and Jaoquin Azulay) WORLD PREMIERE
Groove Move- (Jack Coleman) SD PREMIERE

FV25- (Chris McClean) US PREMIERE
Handcrafted: Thomas Bexon- (Mick Soiza) CA PREMIERE
Hope and More Hope- (Heather Hudson) WORLD PREMIERE
Twig: A Calculated Madness- (Derek Dunfee) WORLD PREMIERE
The Sunnyvale Kids- (Adam Warmington) SD PREMIERE
Black Sapphire Sea- (Andy Miller) CA PREMIERE
Under Desert Sun- Kevin Voegtlin) WORLD PREMIERE
Soul of a Carnation, Heart of Surf- (Helio Valentim) CA PREMIERE
Learning to Float- (Brendan Calder) SD PREMIERE
SeaStills- (Chris Duczynski) WORLD PREMIERE
Within- (Darius Devas) US PREMIERE
Sea Fever- (Tim Davies) WORLD PREMIERE
Coming Up for Air- (Mickey Smith) US PREMIERE
North East- (Mike Bromley and Adam Legere) WORLD PREMIERE
GPA Surf Club- (Dan Amaya) SD PRMIERE
Winter- (Gabriel Novis) WORLD PREMIERE
Catch It- (Sarah Menzies) SD PREMIERE
Not All Boards Were Meant to Ride Waves- (Chris Tran) WORLD PREMIER
Danny Daniels: A Surfer’s Story- Marcus Macfarlane) WORLD PREMIERE

See you all May 7-10th.
PMK — with Heather Hudson and 13 others.