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High School Event Details


April 20 – Team Championships – Coastal Section
April 21 – Team Championships – Inland Section
April 22  – Individual Championships


Oceanside Pier, South – San Diego
Note: This venue was changed to the Pier as of 4-18-24 at the City of Oceanside’s discretion.

Entry Deadline

Entry Deadline is April 1, 2024
Team Registration must be submitted online by deadline date.

Team Entry Fee
pay online with credit card through the Team Management Portal
mail a check which must be postmarked by the deadline date and payable to:
Scholastic Surf Series  PO Box 232042, Encinitas CA 92023
There are NO REFUNDS after the deadline date.

Non-SSS League Teams

If your team was not in the SSS League for our regular season each surfer must also submit an online Student Membership Forms.  This form is necessary for their waiver and emergency medical info.  See the link below Team Registration


Format Days 1 and 2
Team versus Team competition.
There are 2 Sections Coastal (12 teams) and Inland (12 teams).
Each Section is a 12 team format for all 5 divisions; MSB, MLB, WSB, WLB. BB. Team winners move on to the next round. Each division is separate of each other so we end up with State Champions being crowned in all 5 divisions and an overall team winner at the end of the contest. Scoring is the same as our regular season events.

Format Day 3

Individual Competition. The competition will be a 6 person format with 50% advancement, 15 minute heats and top 2 waves scored.


Coastal Team Schools are generally located within 5 direct miles of the beach.

Inland Team Schools are located further than 5 direct miles of the beach.
The Competition Director has ultimate ruling on which Section a school is designated.


Teams must have competed in a regular season league against other high schools. Seeding will be based on rating from regular season league competition.
A surfer must be a member of your team prior to the last event of the series and have surfed at least one event.

  • We are limited to 12 teams per Section.
  • Only one team per school.
  • Team slots will be filled in priority order by Full Teams (all 5 divisions) then by Ratings
  • Open Slots will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. SSS San Diego Divisions 4 & 5 are not eligible for team entry; however, if there is an opening the top team based on year-end rating may be invited.
  • Teams will be notified by email if your entry has NOT been accepted.
  • Teams will not be accepted if there is an outstanding balance for regular season fees.
  • There will be no refunds after the deadline date.
  • Teams not selected can expect their refund within 4 weeks of the contest date.
  • Individual Competition Entries will be accepted on a first come basis until slots are filled. Late entries may be accepted if there are open slots. A roster of accepted entries will be posted one week prior on the State Champs webpage. If you are not accepted we will contact you.
Team Fees & Team Size

Competitors may compete in more than one division.

Optional: Non-SSS member teams may pay an additional $5/student to be insured under our accident policy for this event.

 CoastalTeam SizeInlandTeam Size
Full Team$1,10020
Partial Teams (see below)    
Partial Mens Shortboard only$6009 spots$4006 spots
Partial Team Mens Longboard$1803 spots$1803 spots
Partial Team Womens Shortboard$1803 spots$1803 spots
Partial Team Womens Longboard$1803 spots$1803 spots
Partial Team Coed Bodyboard$1202 spots$1202 spots
  • Available on the website the Wednesday prior to the contest.
  • Competition will begin at 7:00 am each day.
  • Team Coaches check-in with the Beach Marshal at least 30 minutes prior to team vs team competition and turn in heat assignments. The Beach Marshall will post the names on the board.

SSS uses the WSL and WSA Rules for competition.
Basic rules will be posted at the event and on our website.

  • Shortboards are to be 7 feet 6 inches or less. SUP’s are not allowed.
  • Longboards are to be a minimum of 3 feet over the head of the surfer. SUP’s are not allowed.
  • Bodyboards should be no more than 2 inches above or below the belly button. Beaters are not acceptable.
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches to make sure that their surfers are riding the required boards for the competition. A surfer who competes on a board that is not appropriate for the competition may be disqualified.
  • Team trophies will be awarded to Champion Team and 2nd Place Team for all divisions and 1st Place Overall.
  • Individuals trophies will be awarded 1st through 6th places each division.
  • The “Sportsmanship Award” will be presented to the student who has displayed outstanding sportsmanship. Students can be nominated by coaches and the final decision is made by our Contest Directors.  You may email your nominations to [email protected].
Hotels nearby

Days Inn, Oceanside 760-722-7661
Roadway Inn, Oceanside 760-722-1904


Sue Lister, Administrative Director 760-518-2727
Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director 760-518-3739