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January’s Contest Wrap Up

Photo: Crummer.

From San Diego to Santa Barbara, and despite rain delays, heavy surf conditions, cold air, and even colder water, Scholastic Surf competitors had another month to remember. Below are results and photos from these past few weeks of good surf.




Team Results
Division 1
Torrey Pines “A” 76 def La Costa Canyon “A” 57
Carlsbad “A” 75 def La Jolla 56
Point Loma 69 def Canyon Crest “A” 64
San Dieguito “A” Win Bye

Division 2
Carlsbad “B” 62 def Oceanside 23
San Dieguito “B” 53 def Torrey Pines “B” 33
La Costa Canyon “B” Win Bye

Individual Results
Men’s Shortboard
1. Cody Sherman, Point Loma
2. Joe Diamond, Point Loma
3. Kody Clemens, La Costa Canyon
4. Cameron Carter, Torrey Pines
5. Brennan Aubol, San Dieguito
6. Eric Stern, La Costa Canyon

Men’s Longboard
1. Nick Anderberg, San Dieguito
2. Josh Larocco, Point Loma
3. Lucas Foster, San Dieguito
4. Ramsay Sutton, Torrey Pines
5. Zack Clark, Point Loma
6. Josh Seeman, Carlsbad

Women’s Shortboard
1. Sara Locke, Carlsbad
2. Samantha Lamirand, San Dieguito
3. Alayna Tomlinson, Torrey Pines
4. Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
5. Shelli Swindell, Torrey Pines
6. Ivy Miller, Carlsbad

Women’s Longboard
1. Sarah Schwab, San Dieguito
2. Samantha Lamirand, San Dieguito
3. Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
4. Stephanie Schechter, Canyon Crest
5. Sara Brady, La Costa Canyon
6. Sara Locke, Carlsbad

Coed Bodyboard
1. Sean McElroy, Carlsbad
2. Colin Durkin, Torrey Pines
3. Logan Benci, La Costa Canyon
4. Zack Lara, San Dieguito
5. Colton Ankeney, La Costa Canyon
6. Joe Diamond, Point Loma

Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.

Middle School January 28th 2012 at Campus Point
Team’s Standings
Crane 201pts
Santa Barbara Jr. 130pts
Santa Barbara Middle 129pts
Cabrillo 119pts
Los Cerritos 108pts
Lincoln 61pts
John Adams 53.5pts
Malibu 25pts

Boy’s Longboard
1st Ben Brewer
2ndTorin Bjorklund
3rd Adam Hogue
4th Skyler Weil
5th Cousteau Christopher
6th Ian MecKenzie

Girl’s Shortboard
1st Abby Brown
2nd Bebe Lari
3rd Whitney Ellis
4th Poppy Brittingham
5th Chloe Kleinman
6th Jesse Ransone

Boy’s Shortboard
1st Sean Woods
2nd Sam Reichel
3rd Jeff Knell
4th Ryder Sturges
5th Kenta Elwell
6th Ben Brewer

Coed Bodyboard
1st Torin Bjorklund
2nd Sean Woods
3rd Julian Maes
4th Ben Brewer
5th Chet Taylor
6th Laird Fowler

Girl’s Long Board Final
1st Jesse Ransone
2nd Abby Brown
3rd Poppy Brittingham
4th Bebe Lari
5th Sophie Brethed
6th Alyssa Elliot

High School Divison at Campus Point
Team vs Team Results
Lancers 58 vs Ventura 53
Malibu 74 vs Oak Park 28
Agoura 48 vs Palisades 49
Dos Pueblos 59 vs Santa Barbara 52

Women Shourtboard
1st Cassie Holmes
2nd Sara Toussieng
3rd Carina Schipper
4th Frankie Seely
5th Arianna Wallis
6th Rachel Smiley

Women Longboard
1st Isabelle Radis
2nd Frankie Seely
3rd Sara Tousseing
4th Arianna Wallis
5th Danielle Carter
6th Cassie Holmes

Coed Bodyboard
1st Eric Ronning
2nd Tom Caen
3rd Chris Imperato
4th Savannah Southerland
5th Grady Lee
6th Owen Cockerill

Boys Longboard
1st Trevor Robbins
2nd Evan Trauntvein
3rd Trae Candy
4th Jackson O’Connor
5th Henry Buckly
6th Jack Keough

Boys Shortboard
1st Logan Rauhut
2nd Vinny Leonelli
3rd Tavis Boise
4th Will Reichel
5th Parker Waugh
6th J.J. Kerson

Division 3 High School Surfing: January 28, 2012- La Jolla Shores
Team Results
Rancho Buena Vista 80 def University City 55
Westview 64 def Cathedral Catholic 61
Vista 75 def San Marcos 59
Canyon Crest Academy – Bye – Win

Individual Results
Mens Shortboard
1. Matt Beres, University City
2. Matt Meyers, San Marcos
3. Dylan Mateo, Vista
4. Max Mabile, Cathedral Catholic
5. Justin Wood, University City
6. Alex Peel, Rancho Buena Vista

Mens Longboard
1. Ricky Cunningham, Cathedral Catholic
2. Max Mabile, Cathedral Catholic
3. Chad Schweikert, Rancho Buena Vista
4. Nick Hayworth, University City
5. Austin Pardi, Westview
6. Matt Meyers, San Marcos

Womens Shortboard
1. Kiara Tompkins, Vista
2. Jessica Pflibsen, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Emily Ort, Rancho Buena Vista
4. Savannah Fliers, Rancho Buena Vista
5. Michelle Meyers, San Marcos
6. Hailey Horan, Westview

Womens Longboard
1. Jesica Pflibsen, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Savanah Fliers, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Dana Hamann, University City
4. Becca Hutton, San Marcos
5. Hanah Burns, Vista
6. Hailey Horan, Westview

1. Andrew Eccles, Vista
2. Will Slattery, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Jack Abram, Cathedral Catholic
4. Zack Martin, San Marcos
5. Michael Frey, University City
6. Tim Hall, Westview

Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.
Photo: Crummer.

Division 4 High School Surfing: January 29, 2012 – La Jolla Shores
Team Results
Horizon 52 def Granite Hills 40
Clairemont 42 Tie Francis Parker 40
Bishops 60 def Classical Academy 34
Rancho Bernardo 46 def Serra 42
El Camino 52 def St. Augustine 40
Mission Bay 54 def Mt. Carmel 34
Steele Canyon 49 def Pacific Ridge 40
High Tech Bye – Win

Individual Results
Mens Shortboard
1. Zack Emge, Francis Parker
2. Zach Lana, Bishops
3. Jason Belgau, Horizon
4. Colton Koons, Serra
5. Gabe Goff, Mission Bay
6. Matt Reynolds, Granite Hills

Mens Longboard
1. Evan Castaneda, Serra
2. Colin Andrews, Rancho Bernardo
3. Everon Rawlins, El Camino
4. Jack Piegza, Bishops
5. Luke Erlbeck, Bishops
6. Michael Roccoforte, Granite Hills

Womens Shortboard
1. Marion Beacham, Bishops
2. Alex Hanlon, Pacific Ridge
3. Megan Haynes, Horizon
4. Julia Zarela, St. Augustine
5. Mikaela Saili, Mission Bay
6. Liv Johnson, Bishops

Womens Longboard
1. Sara Roper, Clairemont
2. Mikaela Saili, Mission Bay
3. Marion Beacham, Bishops
4. Annika Verbrughen, Clairemont
5. Deven Stanley, Classical Academy
6. Jaime Wright, Steele Canyon

1. Austin Franks, Rancho Bernardo
2. Brian Vaughn, Pacific Ridge
3. Marc Jordan, El Camino
4. Kyler Smith, Classical Academy
5. Zach Lana, Bishops
6. Joe Wozniak, Mission Bay