9th Street, Huntington Beach, Oct 29, 2011

Team Results – Middle School

1.  Shorecliffs  213

2.  Marco Forster  188

3.  Bernice Ayer  173.5

4.  Niguel Hills  97

4.  Thurston  97

6.  Vista Del Mar 64

7.  Don Juan Avila  46.5

Individual Results –  Middle School

Boys Shortboard

1.  Kei Kobayashi, Shorecliffs

2.  Danny Kenduck, Niguel Hills

3.  Shane Hardy, Shorecliffs

4.  Lucas Taub, Marco Forster

5.  Connor Dand, Shorecliffs

6.  Rio Donaldson, Bernice Ayer

Boys Longboard

1.  Jacob Atwood, Shorecliffs

2.  Noah Atwood, Shorecliffs

3.  Rio Donaldson, Bernice Ayer

4.  David Levy, Marco Forster

5.  Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer

6.  Cole Griffo, Marco Forster

Womens Shortboard

1.  Malia Ward, Shorecliffs

2.  Malia Osterkamp, Vista Del Mar

3.  Ashley Beeson, Niguel Hills

4.  Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer

5.  Maddy Kristensen, Thurston

6.  Coco Putnam, Thurston

Womens Longboard

1.  Rachel Tilly, Shorecliffs

2.  Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer

3.  Myah Bradshaw, Marco Forster

4.  Kailey Biggs, Shorecliffs

5.  Meg Roh, Marco Forster

6.  Kyla Kelley, Vista Del Mar


1.  Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer

2.  Derek Reynolds, Bernice Ayer

3.  Shane Kimbrough, Bernice Ayer

4.  Patrick Bishop, Marco Forster

5.  Tristan Ray, Marco Forster

6.  Jaren Harrell, Shorecliffs
Team Results – High School

Santa Margarita  55                def       St. Margarets  29

Woodrow Wilson  56             def       El Toro  26

Individual Results  –  High School

Mens Shortboard

1.  Dane Petersen, Santa Margarita

2.  Brendan Hiruma, Woodrow Wilson

3.  Patrick Early, Santa Margarita

4.  Charles Shirley, Woodrow Wilson

5.  Marco Mendoza, El Toro

6.  James Viljoen, Woodrow Wilson

Mens Longboard

1.  Dane Petersen, Santa Margarita

2.  Grayson McLane, Woodrow Wilson

3.  Brendan Hiruma, Woodrow Wilson

4.  Connor Anderson, Santa Margarita

5.  Diego Enriquez, Woodrow Wilson

6.  Alex Kamgar, St. Margarets

Womens Shortboad

1.  Monica Laird, St. Margarets

2.  Megan Roby, Santa Margarita

3.  Pearl Hoogs, Woodrow Wilson

4.  Lynzee Kaner, Woodrow Wilson

5.  Natasha Grey, St. Margarets

Womens Longboard

1.  Natasha Grey, St. Margarets

2.  Lynzee Kaner, Woodrow Wilson

3.  Megan Roby, Santa Margarita

4.  Isibael Gregg, Woodrow Wilson

5.  Jacqueline Stockton, El Toro

6.  Ashley Eichenauer, St. Margarets

Coed Bodyboard

1.  Scott Anderson, Santa Margarita

2.  Jordan Keldsen, Woodrow Wilson

3.  Carter Jahn, St. Margarets

4.  Matt Stockton, El Toro

From the 405 exit on Goldenwest  St. head south/west towards the beach to
Pacific Coast Hwy turn left.  9th Street is on your right hand side.

Metered Parking along Pacific Coast Hwy.
Free parking in the residential area.
Pay Public Parking available just south of 9th Street.