9th Street, Huntington Beach – Feb 21, 2021


Team Results

St. Margarets  38            Def              Santa Margarita  30

J Serra Catholic  58        Def              Capo Valley Christian  34

Saint_Margarets 57         Def              Santa_Margarita 28

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Aidan Gottron, Santa Margarita
  2. Blake Kirst, J Serra Catholic
  3. Paul Bauman, Santa Margarita
  4. Charlie Denham St. Margarets
  5. Chandler Kuri, J Serra Catholic
  6. Kaden Manrique, Capo Valley Christian

Mens Longboard

  1. Nixon Broders, J Serra Catholic
  2. Paul Bauman, Santa Margarita
  3. Adam Memenas, J Serra Catholic
  4. Michael Cuda, St. Margarets
  5. Brennan Kena, J Serra Catholic
  6. Tyler Mears, St. Margarets

Womens Shortboard

  1. Indie Hoffman, J Serra Catholic
  2. Kate Cruse, St. Margarets
  3. Audrey Weiss, St. Margarets
  4. Talie Scheiber, J Serra Catholic

Womens Longboard

  1. Indie Hoffman, J Serra Catholic
  2. Beau Allred, Capo Valley Christian
  3. Heidi Tufo, St. Margarets
  4. Emma Bernstein, St. Margarets


  1. Nixon Broders, J Serra Catholic

2.  Haiden Motika, Capo Valley Christian

Google Maps click here

From the 405 exit on Goldenwest  St. head south/west towards the beach to
Pacific Coast Hwy turn left.  9th Street is on your right hand side.

Metered Parking along Pacific Coast Hwy.
Free parking in the residential area.
Pay Public Parking available just south of 9th Street.