Army Navy Beach, Carlsbad – Feb 27, 2022

We are so thankful for Army Navy Academy and their beautiful venue for our Division 3 & 4 & 5 Teams this weekend.  After the high tide dropped, we had some pulses from the new swell just starting.  Some 2-3 foot sets were definitely a little more consistent that on Saturday.  We would like to thank all of our teams, coaches and parents for a great season.  And to our graduating seniors SSS Class of 2021-22 we wish you great success.

Team Results Division 5

Pacific Ridge  51                                def       Serra  30

Clairemont  45                                   Tie       Vista  45

Coastal Academy  60                        def       Bishops  28

La Jolla Country Day  41.5               def       Army Navy Academy  26.5

El Camino  45                                     def       Francis Parker  29

Individual Results                                        

Mens Shortboard

1   Brandon Bacani, La Jolla Country Day

  1. Ezra Balderson, Coastal Academy
  2. Fenton Daly, Bishops
  3. Luke McLaughlin Coastal Academy
  4. Cade Zeillinger, Vista
  5. Micah Sands, Coastal Academy

Mens Longboard

  1. Cade Zeillinger, Vista
  2. Brandon Bacani, La Jolla Country day
  3. Ezra Balderson, Coastal Academy
  4. Fenton Daly, Bishops
  5. Max Marchal, Clairemont
  6. Houston McCay, Coastal Academy

Womens Shortboard

  1. Taylor Cunningham, Coastal Academy
  2. Maylee Madsen, Coastal Academy
  3. Hannah Dunfee, Serra
  4. Piper Randolph, Pacific Ridge
  5. Lainey Weintre, El Camino
  6. Monseratt Germann, Vista

Womens Longboard

  1. Rory Engh, Bishops
  2. Piper Randolph, Pacific Ridge
  3. Sierra James, Francis Parker
  4. Monserrat Germain, Vista
  5. Sydney Benedict, Pacific Ridge
  6. Alexandra Irving, Coastal Academy


  1. Steven Leste, El Camino
  2. Charlie Spencer, Coastal Academy
  3. Sebastian Pierce, Pacific Ridge
  4. Spencer Lott, Army Navy Academy
  5. Paul Montal, La Jolla Country Day
  6. Frankie Fitzmarice, Clairemont

Google Map Link…

From the 5 Freeway exit Carlsbad Village Dr. Head West until it deadends on Ocean Street turn right to just past Cypress. Army Navy has private beach access next to the Chapel on the left hand side.

Parking is free in the residential areas.