Army Navy Beach, Carlsbad – Feb 5, 2023

Thank You to Army Navy Academy for hosting our Division 5 Teams for our last event of the SSS Series.  After a blustery event last weekend, it was a beautiful sunny day with some really fun surf.  With a new swell filling in we were treated to some 3-4 foot surf with great conditions courtesy of the awesome sand bars that came from all the rain.  Congratulations to all the Teams that participated this season.  Hope to see some of you at State Champs at the end of March in Oceanside.  Individual Entry Forms are now available.

Team Results Division 5                  

Vista  49                                              def       Canyon Hills  32

Coastal Academy “B”  45                   Tie       Coronado “B”  45

Santa Fe Christian  49                         def       Rancho Bernardo/Poway  42

El Camino  46                                     Tie       Bishops  46

Army Navy Academy  23                   def       Francis Parker  12

Pacific Ridge  50                                def       La Jolla Country Day  31

Westview                                            Win     BYE

Individual Results                             Double Double Award:  Rory Engh, Bishops, WSB & WLB  **

Mens Shortboard

  1. Brandon Bacani, La Jolla Country Day
  2. Josh Castagna, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Santiago Balderson, Coastal Academy “B”
  4. Justo Sierra, Coronado “B”
  5. Fenton Daly, Bishops
  6. Isaac Presley, Coastal Academy “B”

Mens Longboard

  1. Cade Zeilinger, Vista
  2. Santiago Balderson, Coastal Academy “B”
  3. Brayden Aires, La Jolla Country Day
  4. Fenton Daly, Bishops
  5. Steven Leste, El Camino
  6. Hudson Taylor, Santa Fe Christian

Womens Shortboard

  1. Rory Engh, Bishops **
  2. Piper Randolph, Pacific Ridge
  3. Jaya Jost, Coronado “B”
  4. Megan Couture, Rancho Bernardo/Poway
  5. Veronica Gordon, Coastal Academy “B”
  6. Allegra Grezemkovsky, La Jolla Country day

Womens Longboard

  1. Rory Engh, Bishops **
  2. Piper Randolph, Pacific Ridge
  3. Veronica Gordon, Coastal Academy “B”
  4. Monse Germann, Vista
  5. Kalista Searles, Coronado “B”
  6. Cierra Blankers, El Camino


  1. Steven Leste, El Camino
  2. Josh Castagna, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Philippe Germann, Vista
  4. Justo Sierra, Coronado “B”
  5. Kaiden Campbell, Rancho Bernardo
  6. Carl Murfey, Bishops.

Google Map Link…

From the 5 Freeway exit Carlsbad Village Dr. Head West until it deadends on Ocean Street turn right to just past Cypress. Army Navy has private beach access next to the Chapel on the left hand side.

Parking is free in the residential areas.