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Division 1 & 2 High School Surfing

Photo: Crummer.

In well overhead surf at San Fernando Place, Mission Beach, high school competitors from Division 1 & 2 showed no fear in the size-able surf, as they put another stellar performance. However, it was Brendan Donovan from Canyon Crest High claiming victory in the Men’s Shortboard division, as well as Hannah Van Veen from San Dieguito High holding the first place medal. Good job to all the competitors.

Team Results
Division 1
Canyon Crest “A” 77 def La Costa Canyon “A” 44
Point Loma 72 def Carlsbad “A” 63
San Dieguito “A” 72.5 def La Jolla 48.5
Torrey Pines “A” Win BYE

Division 2
Carlsbad “B” 55.5 def San Dieguito “B” 50.5
Oceanside 34 def La Costa Canyon “B” 25
Torrey Pines “B” Win Bye

Individual Results
Men’s Shortboard
1. Brendan Donovan, Canyon Crest
2. Kyle Marre-Laney, Carlsbad
3. Joe Diamond, Point Loma
4. Cody Sherman, Point Loma
5. Vince Heyman, Canyon Crest
6. Nelson Kingery, Canyon Crest

Men's Shortboard Finalists.

Men’s Longboard
1. Kyle Timm, Torrey Pines
2. David Arganda, Carlsbad
3. Austin Sonnier, Canyon Crest
4. Ramsay Sutton, Torrey Pines
5. Lucas Foster, San Dieguito
6. Nick Anderberg, San Dieguito

Men's Longboard Finalists.

Women’s Shortboard
1. Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
2. Sara Locke, Carlsbad
3. Tamara Kramer, Canyon Crest
4. Tess Baker, Torrey Pines
5. Kim Savage, Carlsbad
6. Allie Mason, Carlsbad

Women's Shortboard Finalists.

Women’s Longboard
1. Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito
2. Stephanie Schechter, Canyon Crest
3. Sara Locke, Carlsbad
4. Amy Arsenault, San Dieguito
5. Tess Baker, Torrey Pines

Women's Longboard Finalists.

Coed Bodyboard
1. Jake Norcross, Carlsbad
2. Colin Durkin, Torrey Pines
3. Sean McElroy, Carlsbad
4. Logan Benci, La Costa Canyon
5. Mitch Baker, Torrey Pines
6. Juan Mejias, Oceanside

Men's Shortboard Finalists.