Event #1 of San Diego’s Division 3 High School Surfing Goes Off



Boys Shortboard Finalists. Photo: Crummer.On Saturday, at at San Fernando Place in Mission Beach, the Scholastic Surf Series kicked off San Diego’s Division 3 High School surfing with 2011-2012 season series. Seven Division 3 High Schools competed in 3-to 4-foot surf with good conditions. San Diego’s best put on stellar performance in the good surf, and it will be exciting to watch the competitors continue to improve. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Administrative Director, at 760-518-2727 / [email protected] or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director at 760-439-0863 / [email protected].




Bodyboard Finalist. Photo: Sheri Crummer.


Boys Longboard Finalist. Photo: Sheri Crummer
Girls Longboard Finalist. Photo: Sheri Crummer.
Girls Shortboard Finalist.

Team Results
Division 3
University City 75 def Cathedral Catholic 49
Westview 66 def Canyon Crest “B” 58
Rancho Buena Vista 76 def San Marcos 56
Vista – Bye – Win

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1. Alex Peel, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Adam Hanson, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Justin Wood, University City
4. Tanner Fry, Vista
5. Matt Beres, University City
6. Max Mabile, Cathedral Catholic

Mens Longboard
1. Ricky Cunningham, Cathedral Catholic
2. Austin Rudi, Westview
3. Alex Peel, Rancho Buena Vista
4. Tate Documos, Vista
5. Max Mabile, Cathedral Catholic
6. Nick Hayworth, University City

Womens Shortboard
1. Kiara Tompkins, Vista
2. Emily Ort, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Savannah Fliers, Rancho Buena Vista
4. Becca Hutton, San Marcos
5. Hannah Burns, Vista
6. Amanda Pence, University City

Womens Longboard
1. Jessica Pflibson, Rancho Buena Vista
2. Tabby Taylor, University City
3. Dana Hamann, University City
4. Emily Ort, Rancho Buena Vista
5. Kiara Tompkins, Vista
6. Becca Hutton, San Marcos

1. Andrew Eccles, Vista
2. Will Slattery, Rancho Buena Vista
3. Michael Frey, University City
4. Max Mabile, Cathedral Catholic
5. Tyler Venegas, Westview
6. Turner Dean, Cathedral Catholic “B”