Heavens, Leo Carrillo – Nov 20

Mens Shortboard

1. Vinny Leonelli
2. Aiden Gray
3. Spencer Smith
4. Will Reichel
5. Chris Imperatto
6. Chris Fink

Mens Longboard
1. Trevor Robbins
2. Tucker Ingalls
3. Evan Trauntvein
4. Jackson O’Connor
5. Tyler Han
6. Bronson Wheelan

Women Shortboard
1. Frankie Seely
2. Sophie Schmell
3. Isabelle Radis
4. Shelby Sharp
5. Arianna Wallis

Woman Longboard
1. Frankie Seely
2. Rachel Smiley
3. Ciara Parkman
4. Danielle Carter
5. Molly Glassman

Body Board
1.Tom Caen
2. Charlie Berry
3. Chris Imperatto

[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Leo+Carrillo+State+Beach,+Pacific+Coast+Highway,+Malibu,+CA&hl=en&ll=34.045957,-118.938246&spn=0.007805,0.016608&sll=33.023567,-117.278202&sspn=0.007898,0.016608&vpsrc=6&hq=Leo+Carrillo+State+Beach,+Pacific+Coast+Highway,+Malibu,+CA&t=h&z=16 width=580 height=450 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

Heavens, Leo Carrillo State Beach is located off Pacific Coast Hwy about 20 miles north of Malibu , where Mulholland Hwy dead ends.  From either north or south look for “Leo Carrillo State Beach access” signs.  Park at the North Beach parking area.

Parking is$12 per day