Huntington Beach Pier – Mar 17, 2019

What a great way to end the Orange County High School season series with some awesome weather and waves.  The beginning of a new combo swell from the southwest and a minor northwest swell in the water made for some head high peaks.  The excellent sandbars were in place to provide some near perfection waves and the weather cooperated with glassy conditions all day.  Bailey Kotez from Santa Margarita claimed his fifth straight win in the Bodyboard Division.  Congratulations to all the teams, coaches  and competitors for a great season.

Team Results

Pacifica Christian  46              def       Santa Margarita  27

Laguna Beach 53                   def       St. Margarets  30

J Serra Catholic   35                def       El Toro  18

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Kiko Nelson, Laguna Beach
  2. Zander Adelsohn, Pacifica Christian
  3. Tyson Lockhart, Laguna Beach
  4. Liam McCue, Laguna Beach
  5. Mitchell Tysler, Santa Margarita
  6. Jake Vandenburg, St. Margaret’s

Womens Shortboard

  1. Cameron Taylor, Laguna Beach
  2. Johanna Snider, Pacifica Christian
  3. Taylor Sami, El Toro
  4. Meagan Rowlett, Santa Margarita
  5. Kenna Alvarez, J Serra Catholic
  6. Kayla Coscino, Laguna Beach

Mens Longboard

  1. Zander Adelsohn, Pacifica Christian
  2. Neil Messmer, El Toro
  3. Kiko Nelsen, Laguna Beach
  4. Jake Vandenburg, St. Margaret’s
  5. Benton Barlow, St. Margaret’s
  6. Chandler Kuri, J Serra Catholic

Womens Longboard

  1. Taylor Sami, El Toro
  2. Meagan Rowlett, Santa Margarita
  3. Emily Polk, Pacifica Christian
  4. Cameron Taylor, Laguna Beach
  5. Kenna Alvarez, J Serra Catholic
  6. Kayla Coscino, Laguna Beach


  1. Bailey Kotez, Santa Margarita
  2. Nick Kutscher, Pacifica Christian
  3. Dylan Zoller, Laguna Beach
  4. Quinn Novick, St. Margaret’s

Google Map Here


Take the 405 to Goldenwest Street South and Turn left onto the PCH.  The Pier is on the right.  Public Parking on both sides of the pier.