La Jolla Shores – Jan 27, 2019

It was another awesome event for our Division 5 High School Teams.  Conditions were in the fun zone with some 2 to 3 foot waves, offshore conditions and pretty glassy and sunny all day long.

Team Results Division 5

Bishops  47                                         def       La Jolla Country Day  43

Serra  50                                              def       Granite Hills  19

Rancho Buena Vista  46                     def       Classical Academy  45

Santa Fe Christian  59                         def       Pacific Ridge  32

El Camino  42                                     def       Francis Parker  31

Rancho Bernardo  43                          def       Army Navy  31

Individual Results 

Double Double Award:  Peyton Kemp WSB & WLB

Mens Shortboard

1   Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian

  1. Cole Blankers, El Camino
  2. Noah Stone, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Aidan Gysler, El Camino
  4. Brady Morrison, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Alec Demoe, Rancho Bernardo

Mens Longboard

  1. Austin Memel, Classical Academy
  2. Michael Parsons, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Mark Tankersley, Francis Parker
  4. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Connell McCabe, Army Navy
  6. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernardo

Womens Shortboard

  1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  4. Molly Kirkpatrick, Serra
  5. Maile Gaardner-Feingold, Bishops
  6. Sierra James, Francis Parker

Womens Longboard

  1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  3. Maile Gaardner-Feingold, Bishops
  4. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Kylie Maynard, Rancho Bernardo
  6. Maddy Giek, Francis Parker


  1. Matty Klicsu, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernardo
  3. Keegan Debever, Santa Fe Christian4.
  4. Kalani Leibow, Bishops
  5. Nathan Engels, Serra
    6.  Charlie Ogle, Francis Parker.

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