Mandalay Beach, Oxnard Oct 28, 2012


Villanova 34          vs          Thousand Oaks Lancers 69

Dos Pueblos 47     vs          Malibu 61

Ventura 61             vs         Santa Monica 52

Agoura 54              vs         Oak Park  52

Palisades 3            vs         Santa Barbara  69.5

Mens Shortboard

1st Vinny Leonelli
2nd Riley Garrison
3rd Spencer Smith
4th Jason Knell
5th Will Reichel
6th Kerns Churchill

Mens Longboard
1st Evan Trauntvein
2nd Trae Candy
3rd Henry Buckley
4th Spencer Smith
5th Spencer Gordon
6th Blake Bebensee

Womans Shortboard
1st Frankie Seely
2nd Abby Brown
3rd Isabell Radis
4th Savannah Sutherland
5th Bebe Lari
6th Camille Rubel

Womans Longboard
1st Moorea Maguire
2nd Vienna Werner
3rd Frankie Seely
4th Billie Malkin
5th Cassie Holmes
6th Bethany Fankhauser

1st Evan Fuller
2nd Christopher Imperato
3rd Eric Ronning
4th Tom Klane
5th Ryan Keith
6th Julian Danielsen

Sunday, Oct 28 contest will begin at 9am due to high tide conditions.  All heat times will be adjusted accordingly.


From the Coast
Take PCH north.  Exit S Rice Ave.
Turn left at E Channel Islands Blvd. (about 2 min)
Turn left at Oxnard Blvd Access (about 1 min)
Continue onto E Channel Islands Blvd (about 10 min)
Veer Right onto Harbor Blvd.
Turn left at Falkirk Ave.  Parking is on the Left.


From the Northbound 101 exit Vineyard Ave.
Turn Left at Vineyard Ave.
Turn left at Oxnard Blvd.
Turn right at W. Wolley Rd.
Turn left at Harbor Blvd.
Turn right at Falkirk Ave.
Oxnard Beach Park Parking is on the right hand side.


Parking is $5 per day.