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Middle School Santa Monica Results

Middle School Results Saturday Feb. 22 at Santa Monica.

Saturday was a day of firsts for many of the competitors. Jace Kennedy won his first event, Joshua Rutz made his his first final, while Betsey Lee competed in her first event and won the Girls Longboard division. While the surf was not great, the weather was. We had sunny skies with 2-3′ glassy one turn waves. Santa Monica is an interesting place. The pier is an electric display early in the morning and you have Venice Beach just south along the boardwalk. You can people watch, surf your heat, go for a ride on a roller coaster all before noon.

Boys Shortboard
1 Jace Kennedy. Crane
2. Sam Reichel. Crane
3. Novalis Terzani. Malibu
4. S J Murphy. Malibu
5. Matty Pierce. Santa Barbara Jr.
6. Joshua Rutz. Cabrillo

Girls Shortboard
1. Gracey George. Lincoln
2. Ruby Singh. Santa Barbara Middle
3. Saxon Rhodes. Malibu
4. Ines Flack. John Adams
5. Lily Henley. Cabrillo
6. Alana Moore. Crane

Boys Longboard
1. Chase Nelson. Santa Barbara Jr
2. Adam Hogue. Crane
3. Shamus O’Hearn. Crane
4. Henry Hepp. Santa Barbara Jr
5. Matty Pierce. Santa Barbara Jr
6. Jacob Wilkes. Lincoln

Girls Longboard.
1. Betsy Lee. Malibu
2. Layla Lari. Lincoln
3. Alana Moore. Crane.
4. Sophie Major. Lincoln
5. Mikala Campbell. Cabrillo
6. Saxon Rhodes. Malibu

1. William Wright. Lincoln
2. Whit Shelburne. Santa Barbara Middle
3. Kai Hansen. Santa Barbara Jr
4. Griffin Churchill. Malibu
5. Juan Costales. Los Cerritos