Oceanside Harbor, So Jetty – Jan 28, 2023

It was another great day of surfing in Oceanside.  Div 3 & 4 lucked out with great waves before an approaching storm front.  2-3 foot waves with offshore conditions provided plenty of performance waves.  Great surfing by all competitors with Double Double Award performances from Division 3 Sage Creek surfers Sofia Todd and Timothy Fandey.  Both of these surfers took double wins in shortboard and longboard. Congrats to all the teams.

Team Results  Division 3

San Marcos  90                       def       Cathedral Catholic  21

La Costa Canyon “A” 74       def       Woodrow Wilson  62

Sage Creek                              Win     BYE

Individual Results Division 3             Double Double Award:  Sophia Todd, Sage Creek, WSB & WLB

Mens Shortboard                                                                          Timothy Fandey, Sage Creek, MSB & MLB

  1. Timothy Fandey, Sage Creek
  2. Dakota Lizerbram, La Costa Canyon “A
  3. Trevor Jeffrey, San Marcos
  4. Ben Rima, Woodrow Wilson
  5. Owen Keller, Woodrow Wilson
  6. Shane Redela, La Costa Canyon “A”

Mens Longboard

  1. Timothy Fandey, Sage Creek
  2. Noah Hogle, Sage Creek
  3. Dakota Lizerbram, La Costa Canyon “A
  4. Carter Forman, Woodrow Wilson
  5. Nathan Donovan, Woodrow Wilson
  6. Nathan Shinn, San Marcos

Womens Shortboard                                                           

  1. Sofia Todd, Sage Creek
  2. Lily Apostolakos, San Marcos
  3. Evelyn Harris, La Costa Canyon “A”
  4. Adria Birchall, La Costa Canyon “A”
  5. Delilah Stiglic, San Marcos
  6. Kaelyn Vanderspek, Woodrow Wilson

Womans Longboard                                                            

  1. Sofia Todd, Sage Creek
  2. Lily Greer, San Marcos
  3. Amara Wittensten, Woodrow Wilson
  4. Kaelyn Vanderspek, Woodrow Wilson
  5. Adria Birchall, La Costa Canyon “A”
  6. Mackenzie Pyatt, San Marcos


  1. Fitzgerald Samuel, La Costa Canyon “A”
  2. Preston Dau, Sage Creek
  3. Jack Reyes, Woodrow Wilson
  4. Samuel Steele, San Marcos

Team Results Division 4 

Coastal Academy  49              def       Mission Bay  40

St. Augustine/OLP  53            def       Grauer   32

Henry/Steele  56                     def       La Costa Canyon “B”  30

High Tech                               Win     BYE

Individual Results  Division 4                     

Mens Shortboard                                                                 

  1. Sage Stern, Grauer
  2. Graham Allen, Mission Bay
  3. Micah Sands, Coastal Academy
  4. Cole Hartman, Coastal Academy
  5. Cameron Ferkins, Coastal Academy
  6. Ezra Balderson, Coastal Academy

Mens Longboard                                                                  

  1. Emiliano Mendez, Henry/Steele
  2. Calvin Steeves, Mission Bay
  3. Luke McLaughlin, Coastal Academy
  4. Dean Borden, Henry/Steele
  5. Graham Allen, Mission Bay
  6. Embry Rucker, Grauer

Womens Shortboard                                                           

  1. Taylor Cunningham, Coastal Academy
  2. Lillian Bozeman, Henry/Steele
  3. Viola Miticocchio, Mission Bay
  4. Addie Wilhelms, La Costa Canyon “B”
  5. Marina Cardenas, Our Lady of Peace
  6. Greta Engelman, Our Lady of Peace

Womens Longboard

  1. Viola Miticocchio, Mission Bay
  2. Taylor Cunningham, Coastal Academy
  3. Lillian Bozeman, Henry/Steele
  4. Addie Wilhelms, La Costa Canyon “B”
  5. Annie Hammes, Our Lady of Peace
  6. Kaia Prince, Our Lady of Peace


  1. Ethan Pinon, St. Augustine
  2. Logan Moore, High Tech
  1. Charlie Spencer, Coastal Academy
  2. Camden Samuel, La Costa Canyon “B”
  3. Dean Borden, Henry/Steele
  4. Ronin Mortimer, Grauer
  5. Nicholas Nobis, Mission Bay

Google Map click here

From the 5 Fwy exit Oceanside Harbor Drive
follow the loop West.
Go left towards South Harbor Jetty.  Follow the street until it dead ends at Parking Lot 10.
The contest will be on the beach.

Parking is $10 per day or free parking in the back lot under train bridge.