Oceanside Harbor, So. Jetty – Nov 16, 2019

What a fantastic weekend we had and Sunday the ORCO-MS Teams were treated to Oceanside South Jetty at its best.  Everyone was excited and happy to have such a fantastic day of surf and weather together.  Getting the most out of it before the curtain drops and we head into some rainy weather this week.  Hot and glassy with a gentle breeze blowing to keep the sun from getting too hot.  Surf arrived right on time with a new swell from the NW starting to fill in by afternoon as well as a South Swell and stayed around all day.  3-5 foot and perfect rights and lefts and the kids couldn’t wait to get to their next heat.

 Team Results – Middle School Division 1

  1. Shorecliffs 228
  2. Marco Forster 122
  3. Bernice Ayer 105
  4. Thurston 87
  5. Niguel Hills 61
  6. Vista Del Mar 59


Individual Results –  Middle School Division 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Dylan Young, Bernice Ayer
  2. Maddox Bray, Shorecliffs
  3. Kai Finn, Shorecliffs
  4. Hudson Saunders, Thurston
  5. Jake Lee, Shorecliffs
  6. Ryder Fish, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Banning Wetzel, Shorecliffs
  2. Tosh Johnson, Marco Forster
  3. Baron Banuelos, Marco Forster
  4. Jacob Crouse, Marco Forster
  5. Dylan Young, Bernice Ayer
  6. Finn Whalen, Shorecliffs

Girls Shortboard

  1. Avery McDonald, Shorecliffs
  2. Mia McLeish, Shorecliffs
  3. Ezra McPhillips, Shorecliffs
  4. Indie Hoffman, Marco Forster
  5. Gwyneth Lyon, Vista Del Mar
  6. Addison McPhillips, Bernice Ayer

Girls Longboard

  1. Indie Hoffman, Marco Forster
  2. Rilynn Baker, Marco Forster
  3. Hana Johnson, Shorecliffs
  4. Kirra Stacy, Bernice Ayer
  5. Morgan Saunders, Thurston
  6. Audrey Denos, Shorecliffs

 Coed Bodyboard

  1. Beckham Beauchemin, Shorecliffs
  2. Lincoln Presley, Niguel Hills
  3. Banning Wetzel, Shorecliffs
  4. Wyatt Boyd, Thurston
  5. Josh Knowles, Bernice Ayer
  6. Haiden Motika, Marco Forster


Team Results – Middle School Division 2

  1. Shorecliffs 143
  2. Marco Forster 79
  3. Thurston 65
  4. Newhart 44
  5. Niguel Hills 17

 Individual Results  –  Middle School Division 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Henry Rothey, Shorecliffs
  2. Azure Trujillo, Shorecliffs
  3. Shane Stacy, Shorecliffs
  4. Micha Lundquist, Shorecliffs
  5. Kieran Ota, Shorecliffs
  6. Kingston Watts, Shorecliffs

Boys Longboard

  1. Arlo Kraus, Shorecliffs
  2. Kaidin Stein, Marco Forster
  3. Kaden Lowe, Marco Forster
  4. Max Calandra, Shorecliffs
  5. Lincoln Cole, Newhart
  6. Brock Wetzel, Shorecliffs

Girls Shortboard

  1. Remy Todd, Shorecliffs
  2. London Heunemann, Marco Forster
  3. Ruby Samson, Thurston
  4. Sawyer Dimick, Shorecliffs
  5. Ila Allred, Marco Forster
  6. Lauren Longsworth, Newhart

Girls Longboard

  1. Seylah Childress, Marco Forster
  2. Lauren Longsworth, Newhart
  3. Po Andringa, Thurston
  4. Parker Bosick, Niguel Hills
  5. Kaina Okamura, Shorecliffs

**NEW PARKING INFO  –  Free parking in Lot 1 – (the entry from Harbor Dr has been closed and is for pedestrians only).  To enter Lot 1 take Harbor Drive and make a left on Carmelo Dr. (at Del Taco) which curves around to San Luis Rey Dr. then Riverside Dr. which opens to the parking lot.

Parking is $10 per day at other lots.

Google Map click here

From the 5 Fwy exit Oceanside Harbor Drive
follow the loop West.
Go left towards South Harbor Jetty
The contest will be on the beach at Parking Lot 10.