Oceanside Harbor, So. Jetty – Nov 17, 2018

There is so much to be thankful for heading into the Thanksgiving Holiday. The kids that stayed to surf for their team on Saturday before leaving for the Holiday were really thankful for the epic surf that greeted them on Saturday morning. Epic, clean and perfect waves were the norm for the entire day. Offshore in the morning and then that turned into a perfectly glassy and sunny day. The 2 to 4 foot lefts off the south area and the rights from the north area made for some spectacular surfing from these middle school kids. Oak Crest Surf Team once again took the top honors in the team results with three consecutive Team wins.
We here at the SSS wish all our teams a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday. And to our SSS teams to the north that have experienced such tragedy from the fires, we wish you a speedy recovery.

Team Results/Div 1 Points
1. Oak Crest 244
2. Aviara Oaks 166
3. Valley 144.5
4. Earl Warren 117
5. Muirlands 89
6. San Elijo 63.5
7. Diegueno 43

Individual Results Div 1
Boys Shortboard
1. Luke Butterfield, Oak Crest
2. Lewis Aberle, Earl Warren
3. Titus Santucci, San Elijo
4. Wheeler Hasburgh, Oak Crest
5. Kai Williams, Valley
6. Eli Hanwit, Oak Crest

Boys Longboard
1. Jack Van Wagoner, Valley
2. Ty Spencer, Aviara Oaks
3. Trevor Mencinsky, Oak Crest
4. Owen Loughery, Aviara Oaks
5. Sean Keeney, Earl Warren
6. Mason Blue, Oak Crest

Girls Shortboard
1. Sierra Kerr, Aviara Oaks
2. Veronica Hughes, Oak Crest
3. Casey Currie, Oak Crest
4. Kili Garrett, Oak Crest
5. Brooke Reed, Aviara Oaks
6. Giselle Smith, Muirlands

Girls Longboard
1. Casey Currie, Oak Crest
2. Sophia Todd, Aviara Oaks
3. Izzy Derenzis, Earl Warren
4. Kili Garrett, Oak Crest
5. Ruby Smylie, Aviara Oaks
6. Anika Balint, Valley

Coed Bodyboard
1. Tyler Robles, Oak Crest
2. Tyler Traubman, Oak Crest
3. Jay Crouch, Earl Warren
4. Micah Land, San Elijo
5. Cameron Sheahan, Aviara Oaks
6. Micah Carlston, Valley

Google Map click here

From the 5 Fwy exit Oceanside Harbor Drive
follow the loop West.
Go left towards South Harbor Jetty
The contest will be on the beach at Parking Lot 10.

Parking is $8 per day or free parking in the back lot under train bridge.