Oceanside Harbor, So. Jetty – Dec 10, 2016

It was another great weekend for event # 4 for the San Diego Middle School surf teams.  With small waves in the forecast Oceanside delivered with some fun 2 to 3 foot clean waves.  That cold arctic air blew down the river valley but soon warmed up to a great day with the wind not showing up again until, of course, finals started. It was Raphael Castro once again taking his 3rd win of the season for Muirlands in Boys Shortboard while teammate Tyler Blackburn took the win in the Boys Longboard. Casey Lavin from Valley claimed her first win of the season in Girls Shortboard and Molly Tuschen took the win in the Girls Longboard.  But it was Tommy Kelly from Valley taking the win in the Bodyboard division that now has him locked in a virtual tie for the season with Evan McLaughlin from Aviara Oaks.  Event #5 will decide the season champion in the Bodyboard division.

Team Results/Div 1       Points

  1. Oak Crest      238
  2. Muirlands             206
  3. Valley      142
  4. Aviara Oaks      108
  5. Diegueno      106
  6. Correia      102
  7. Earl Warren       80
  8. Coronado                    73
  9. San Elijo        50

Individual Results Div 1

Boys Shortboard

  1. Raphael Castro, Muirlands
  2. Kaylib Yang, Oak Crest
  3. Luke Butterfield, Oak Crest
  4. Gavin Frank, Oak Crest
  5. Flynn Dartland, Muirlands
  6. Cole McCaffray, Oak Crest

Boys Longboard

  1. Tyler Blackburn, Muirlands
  2. Thor Willink, Correia
  3. Stefano Graciano, Muirlands
  4. Flynn Dartland, Muirlands
  5. Jack Ochoa, Valley
  6. Kevin Kraatz, Valley

Girls Shortboard

  1. Casey Lavin, Valley
  2. Sophia McGovern, Diegueno
  3. Ella McCaffray, Oak Crest
  4. Jordyn Kelly, Muirlands
  5. Cami Loker, Aviara Oaks
  6. Molly Tuschen, Muirlands

Girls Longboard

  1. Molly Tuschen, Muirlands
  2. Jordyn Kelly, Muirlands
  3. Kaitlyn Farley, Oak Crest
  4. Brooke Ochoa, Valley
  5. Sophia McGovern, Diegueno
  6. Reese Loseke, Earl Warren

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Tommy Kelly, Valley
  2. Evan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
  3. Cayden Jakubowski, Diegueno
  4. Alex Klein, Valley
  5. Crusoe Frapwell, Muirlands
  6. Micah Land, San Elijo