Oceanside Pier South, Mar 27

Team Results
Canyon Crest Academy  80    def       University City  52
Vista  87                                  def       Westview  28
Horizon  75                             def       Santa Fe Christian  58
Cathedral Catholic  73            def       Rancho Buena Vista  49

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard
1.  Jason Laipenieks, Westview
2.  Walker Fraser, Cathedral Catholic
3.  Nelson Kingery, Canyon Crest\
4.  Micah Beutz, Vista
5.  Mikey Prestie, Vista
6.  Kevin McBrearty, Westview

Mens Longboard
1.  Cole Olson, Westview
2.  Jake Sieck, University City
3.  Jason Schechter, Canyon Crest
4.  Chad Schweikert, Rancho Buena Vista
5.  Jordan Fearon, Horizon
6.  Micah Beutz, Vista

Womens Shortboard
1.  Danny Dean, Canyon Crest
2.  Kiara Tompkins, Vista
3.  Savannah Fliers, Rancho Buena Vista
4.  Danielle Restelli, Horizon
5.  Megan Haynes, Horizon
6.  Tamara Kramer, Canyon Crest

Womens Longboard
1.  Stephanie Schechter, Canyon Crest
2.  Jessica Pflibson, Rancho Buena Vista
3.  Tamara Kramer, Canyon Crest
4.  Amber Shah, Vista
5.  Hannah Burns, Vista
6.  Danielle Restelli, Horizon

1.  Andrew Eccles, Vista
2.  Johnny Howe, University City
3.  Blake Marcher, Santa Fe Christian
4.  William Slattery, Rancho Buena Vista
5.  Jack Abram, Cathedral Catholic
6.  Jordan Fearon, Horizon

Directions:  Take the first right onto 1st St/Seagaze Dr.  Turn right at The Strand N.

There are Pay Parking lots both south and north of the pier.