Oceanside Pier South – Jan 29, 2017

What a great day to start off 2017 for the San Diego Middle School Div 2 teams.  Oceanside delivered again.  I was a beautiful day in Oceanside with glassy fun surf in the 2 to 3 foot range and sunny and warm after a stormy start to the 2017 season. Fun waves, great weather and a lot of happy smiling faces.

This was the 4th event in our series with one more to come on February 12 at La Jolla Shores.

Team Results Div 2       Points 

  1. Pacific Beach      148
  2. Oceanside      126
  3. Valley ‘B’                  89
  4. Sanderling Waldorf 79
  5. Calavera Hills        68
  6. Santa Fe Christian 59
  7. High Tech        49
  8. St. James         0

Individual Results Div 2

Boys Shortboard

  1. Kale Cadam, Pacific Beach
  2. Nikolus Launais, Pacific Beach
  3. Ryan Risko, Oceanside
  4. Mason O’Toole, Oceanside
  5. Nathan Ehlert, Pacific Beach
  6. Levi Retish, Pacific Beach

Boys Longboard

  1. Jack Von Wagoner, Valley
  2. Thomas Kreissig, Oceanside
  3. Noah Davis, Sanderling Waldorf
  4. Rylan, Goodwin, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Evan Volk, High Tech
  6. Xander Meng, Pacific Beach

Girls Shortboard

  1. Jenna Clark, Pacific Beach
  2. Noelle Walker, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Torri Walker, Oceanside
  4. Hannah Dunfee, Pacific Beach
  5. Hana Cosby, Valley
  6. Molly Thornton, Santa Fe Christian

Girls Longboard

  1. Noelle Walker, Santa Fe Christian
  2. Ellah Campagna, Pacific Beach
  3. Ava Censoplano, Valley
  4. Sirena Dinsmore, Sanderling Waldorf
  5. Avery Menig, Oceanside
  6. Elley Pierson, Oceanside

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Sage Stern, Sanderling Waldorf
  2. Isaiah Dasher, Sanderling Waldorf
  3. Steven Leste, Oceanside
  4. Parker Brown, Oceanside
  5. Jake Stone, Pacific Beach
  6. Wyatt Thornbury, Calavera Hills

Google Map

From the 5 freeway exit Mission Ave. toward Downtown (west). Turn left at N. Pacific St. Take the first right onto 1st St/Seagaze Dr. Turn right at The Strand N.

Parking: Pay lots are located both south and north of the pier.