Pismo Pier – Nov 4, 2018

The SSS kicked off the second event for the 2018-2019 Ventura-Morrow Bay High School section. It was a sunny hot day in Pismo beach. With daylights savings the sun was high in the sky for the first heat. The waves were in the 2 to 3 foot range with fun glassy corners. The tide was high for most of the morning and it stayed glassy almost all day and right before the final a little northwest breeze picked up. All the teams were ripping, but in the end it was Dos Pueblos/San Marcos who got the highest team point total with 73 points. Thanks everyone for coming out. We look forward to a great season.

Team Results
Dos Pueblos/ San Marcos 73 Def Arroyo Grande 57
Ventura 71 Def Moro Bay 60

Individual Results
Mens Shortboard
1. Sam Reichel (Dos Pueblos)
2. Zane Booth (Dos Pueblos)
3. Arata Thomatsuri (Ventura)
4. Hayden Foreman (Ventura)
5. Marley Sapp (Ventura)
6. Evan Reed (Arroyo Grande)

Mens Longboard
1. John Simon (Ventura)
2. Travis Quittner (Dos Pueblos)
3. Finn Reyes (Ventura)
4. Zane Booth (Dos Pueblos)
5. Nolan Dorn (Morro Bay)
6. Caden Quittner (Dos Pueblos)

Womens Shortboard
1. Sydney Beckett (Morro Bay)
2. Ashley Trevino (Ventura)
3. Kaili Falk (Dos Pueblos)
4. Olivia Sommer (Arroyo Grande)
5. Sadie Krier (Arroyo Grande)
6. Lauren Nagle (Morro Bay)

Womens Longboard
1. Kendra Twist (Morro Bay)
2. Ana Hardy (Ventura)
3. Kali Falk (Dos Pueblos)
4. Sage Thomason (Dos Pueblos)
5. Olivia Sommer (Arroyo Grande)
6. Annalie Illagan (Ventura)

Coed Bodyboard
1. Zane Booth (Dos Pueblos)
2. Nick Murphy (Morro Bay)
3. Dylan Markman (Ventura)
4. Dominic Cipolla (Arroyo Grande)
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