Ponto, Carlsbad – Jan 9, 2022

Event #3 at Ponto was some of the best waves we have had so far.  After a dismal week of small and weak surf, Ponto delivered the pre runner to the new northwest swell expected to arrive this week.  Some 2 to 3 foot peaks made for some awesome surfing performances with a few across the board 10 point rides.  San Dieguito A and Carlsbad A dominated their team competitors with some big wins.  San Dieguito B put up some impressive scores while Coronado and Oceanside had a close one with Oceanside pulling out the win with 3 points over Coronado.  The rain out makeup for the October 10th event in Oceanside is now rescheduled for March 13, 2022.  Please mark your calendars.

Team Results

Division 1 

San Dieguito  ‘A’   81             def       Torrey Pines ‘A’  38

Carlsbad ‘A’  83                     def       Point Loma  47

Division 2 

Carlsbad ‘B’  55                      def       Torrey Pines ‘B’  17

Oceanside  47                         def       Coronado  43

San Dieguito ‘B’  62               def       Canyon Crest  19

Individual Results                

Mens Shortboard

  1. Kai Williams, Carlsbad
  2. Mason O’Toole, Oceanside
  3. Jack Van Wagoner, Carlsbad
  4. Bison Sharpe, Oceanside
  5. Ryan Risko, Oceanside
  6. Luke Rebensdorf, Oceanside

Mens Longboard

  1. Jack Van Wagoner, Carlsbad
  2. Cody Van Dyck, Carlsbad
  3. Greyson Messier, San Dieguito
  4. Ryan Risko, Oceanside
  5. Wyatt Tudor, San Dieguito
  6. Trent Molnar, Carlsbad

Womens Shortboard

  1. Syd Ott, San Dieguito
  2. Skylie Knowles, Oceanside
  3. Alexis Hammon, Coronado
  4. Chloe Soderberg, San Dieguito
  5. Brooke Reed, Carlsbad
  6. Ella Misner, San Dieguito

Womens Longboard

  1. Eliana Dowsett, Oceanside
  2. Avalon Besso, Carlsbad
  3. Helena Graney, San Dieguito
  4. Zoe Searles, Coronado
  5. Kalea Cummins, San Dieguito
  6. Zoe Goldstein, Carlsbad

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Kyle Clifton, Point Loma
  2. Jay Crouch, Torrey Pines
  3. Charlie Mallery, Canyon Crest
  4. Ryder Smith, Oceanside
  5. Wyatt Tudor, San Dieguito
  6. Jack Messer, San Dieguito

Google Map here

We will be set-up near Tower 22 just north of the north jetty.

Parking:    There is free parking along Coast Hwy.  There is a lot for public parking $10 – $15 per vehicle all day at the very south end of the beach.

No DOGS allowed.

Propane grills only.