Results for High School Event at C-St.



Sunday started off with a bit of funky wind and a residual bump from the storm that passed on Saturday. The waves were 2-4′ but just so-so. Lucky for us the day only got better and better as it went on. The sun came out shinning and the surf started to pulse. By the end of the day the waves were really fun clean.
Here are the results:

Ventura 43 vs Santa Barbara 71
Malibu 74 vs Lancers 39
Agoura 54 vs Palisades 54
Oak Park 38 vs Dos Pueblos 75
Villanova 33 vs Santa Monica 64

Mens Short Board
1st Thelen Worrel Malibu
2nd Vinny Leonelli Dos Pueblos
3rd Kyle Davis Santa Barbara
4th Will Reichel Dos Pueblos
5th Henry Jenkinson Malibu
6th Eric Ronning Ventura

Womens Short Board
1st Vienna Werner Oak Park
2nd Abby Brown Santa Barbara
3rd Maddie LaMonaco Santa Monica
4th Frankie Seely Malibu
5th Ines Benomar Santa Monica
6th Isabelle Radis Santa Barbara

Womens Long Board
1st Frankie Seely Malibu
2nd Vienna Werner Oak Park
3rd Jessee Ransone Santa Barbara
4th Bethany Fankhauser Villanova
5th Maddie LaMonaco Santa Monica
6th Natalie Hubbard Santa Monica

Men’s Longboard
1st Henry Buckley Malibu
2nd Spencer Gordon Santa Barbara
3rd Trae Candy Dos Pueblos
4th Jack Keough Santa Barbara
5th Colby Parker Malibu
6th Skylar Weil Thousand Oaks

1st Tom Caen Malibu
2nd Ben Brewer Santa Barbara
3rd Eric Ronning Ventura
4th Evan Fuller Dos Pueblos
5th Lucas Starbuck Villanova
No 6th