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Results from Division 1 & 2’s Final Event

The Scholastic Surf Series, a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA), completed event #4 on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at Mission Beach. Twelve San Diego Div 1 & 2 High Schools competed in 4- to 7-foot surf with fair conditions. The surfers were treated to great prizes from The Wave House, SUPERbrand Surfboards, Ransom Wax, as well as complimentary subscriptions to Transworld Surf. For more info about the SSS, please contact Sue Lister, Administrative Director, at 760-518-2727 / [email protected] or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director at 760-439-0863 / [email protected]. The entire results for that event follow.

Division 1
San Dieguito “A”  76       def            La Costa Canyon “A”  53
Carlsbad “A”   74            def            La Jolla  58
Torrey Pines “A”  65       def            Point Loma  63

Division 2
Carlsbad “B”  63            def         Torrey Pines “B”  42
La Costa Canyon “B”  45    def         Oceanside  26
San Dieguito “B”  63          def         Coronado  0

Individual Results

Men’s Shortboard
1.  Tommy Wehsener, La Costa Canyon
2.  Brady Ruyschaert, La Jolla
3.  Kyle Laney-Marre, Carlsbad
4.  Cody Sherman, Point Loma
5.  Tyler Decker, Carlsbad
6.  Lucas Johnson, Carlsbad

Men’s Longboard
1.  Sam Zaiser, La Costa Canyon
2.  Josh Larocco, Point Loma
3.  Scott Swenson, La Jolla
4.  Daniel Nofal, Carlsbad
5.  Tyler Grove, Carlsbad
6.  Lucas Foster, San Dieguito

Women’s Shortboard
1.  Sienna Buccigrossi, Torrey Pines
2.  Shelli Swindell, Torrey Pines
3.  Tess Baker, Torrey Pines
4.  Sierra Casper, Torrey Pines
5.  Gina Andrews, La Jolla
6.  Sara Locke, Carlsbad

Women’s Longboard
1.  Katie Magers, Point Loma
2.  Sienna Buccigrossi, Torrey Pines
3.  Mali Suzuki, Carlsbad
4.  Gina Andrews, La Jolla
5.  Sara Locke, Carlsbad
6.  Shelli Swindell, Torrey Pines

1.  Logan Benci, La Costa Canyon
2.  Tyler Pahl, Carlsbad
3.  Mitch Baker, Torrey Pines
4.  Jake Norcross, Carlsbad
5.  Calvin Swanson, Torrey Pines

The shortboard finalists puffing their chests out after successfully tearing apart Mission Beach's man sized waves. Photo: Sheri Crummer
In the water friendships are put aside in quest for that coveted victory, but once on land it's a different story. The girl shortboard finalists pose after accepting their medals. Photo: Sheri Crummer
Two of the six women longboard finalists. Photo: Sheri Crummer
Hold those medals up high boys: you earned them. The bodyboard finalists proudly raising thier medals high to the sky. Photo: Sheri Crummer