San Clemente Pier – Feb 3, 2013

The Scholastic Surf Series completed events this weekend at San Clemente Pier.  This was the 5th and final event for the San Diego Coastal High Schools Div 1 & 2.  It was a great weekend with glassy and warm conditions.  Surf on Saturday was 2-3 foot and increasing surf on Sunday in the 3-5 foot range.  The season finale had 2 co-season champions with Carlsbad “A” and San Dieguito “A” in a virtual tie for the overall honors each with a 4 win 1 loss record.  Chris Murnane from Carlsbad locked up the first place mens shortboard overall winner with his first place finish at the event.  Christian Stutzman from Torrey Pines was the overall champion in mens longboard with 4 first place wins.  The Womens Shortboard overall winner was Sara Locke from Carlsbad ; the womens longboard winner Stephanie Schechter with 4 overall wins for the season and the bodyboard champion for the season was Nake Norcross from Carlsbad.

Team Results

Division 1

Carlsbad “A”  85                def       La Jolla  35

San Dieguito “A”  79          def       Torrey Pines “A”  56

Point Loma  79                  def       La Costa Canyon  50

Canyon Crest                    Win     Bye

Division 2

Oceanside  60                    def       La Costa Canyon “B”  23

Carlsbad “B”  48                def       San Dieguito “B”  41

Torrey Pines “B”                 Win     Bye

Individual Results 

Mens Shortboard

1.  Chris Murnane, Carlsbad

2.  Kody Clemens, San Dieguito

3.  Spencer Bingham, Point Loma

4.  Kyle Timm, Torrey Pines

5.  Blake Dresner, San Dieguito

6.  Brennan Aubol, San Dieguito

Mens Longboard

1.  Christian Stutzman, Torrey Pines

2.  Josh Larocco, Point Loma

3.  Austin Sonnier, Canyon Crest

4.  Nick Anderberg, San Dieguito

5.  Daniel Salter, Carlsbad

6.  Zack Clark, Point Loma

Womens Shortboard

1.  Sara Locke, Carlsbad

2.  Samantha Lamirand, San Dieguito

3.  Savanna Fliers, Carlsbad

4.  Hannah Van Veen, San Dieguito

5.  Nicole Columbus, Oceanside

6.  Samantha Coon, Point Loma

Womens Longboard

1.  Stephanie Schechter, Canyon Crest

2.  Sarah Schwab, San Dieguito

3.  Nicole English, San Dieguito

4.  Sara Locke, Carlsbad

5.  Sarah Brady, La Costa Canyon

6.  Sawyer Gilley, Carlsbad

Coed Bodyboard

1.  Sean McElroy, Carlsbad

2.  Jake Norcross, Carlsbad

3.  Justin Murphy, Oceanside

4.  Ian O’Meara, Point Loma

5.  Jacob Graff, San Dieguito

6.  Will Doody, San Dieguito

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,-117.619817&spn=0.001966,0.004152&sll=33.420112,-117.619538&sspn=0.000983,0.002076&vpsrc=6&hnear=Avenida+Victoria+%26+Coronado+Ln,+San+Clemente,+Orange,+California+92672&t=h&z=18 width=580 height=450 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

From Southbound 5 exit Palizada and turn Right
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.

From Northbound 5 exit Presidio and turn Left
to El Camino Real turn Left
to Avenida del Mar turn Right
take that all the way to the Pier.