San Fernando Place, MB – Mar 10, 2019

Our SDHS Division 5 was the lucky division this season with the completion of their fifth and final event of the season.  No rain outs and postponements for this division.  The only change was moving our event from Oceanside to Mission Beach.  Waves started out pretty small in the morning but gradually increased throughout the day.  Hayes Hemphill from Santa Fe Christian has been our outstanding and most consistent performer thru the season.  Making every final in Mens Shortboard and Longboard and winning the majority of them.  Hayes took the win in the Mens Longboard and took a third in the Mens Shortboard.  Alec Demoe from Rancho Bernardo took the win in the Mens Shortboard while his team mate Josh Rasoul held down a second in both Mens Longboard and Bodyboard.  Peyton Kemp from Vista/Rancho Buena Vista continued her winning streak by taking her fourth back to back win in both Womens Shortboard and Womens Longboard.  Peyton holds the record with the most Double Double awards with four of them.  Her team mate Matty Klicsu took the win in the Bodyboard Division.  Congratulations Division 5 and hope to see you all at States.

Team Results Division 5

Pacific Ridge  54                                def       Bishops  47

Rancho Bernardo  45                          def       Serra  35

La Jolly Country Day  40                   def       Classical Academy  34

Santa Fe Christian  47                         def       Rancho Buena Vista  43

El Camino  45                                     def       Francis Parker  14

Army Navy Academy  45                   def       Granite Hills  15

Double Double Award:  Peyton Kemp WSB & WLB

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

1   Alec Demoe, Rancho Bernardo

  1. Austin Memel, Classical Academy
  2. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Jake Ortega, Rancho Buena Vista
  4. Brody Odmark, Army Navy
  5. Ethan Eisenkerch, El Camino

Mens Longboard

  1. Hayes Hemphill, Santa Fe Christian
  2. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernardo
  3. Mark Tankersley, Francis Parker
  4. Michael Parsons, Santa Fe Christian
  5. Austin Memel, Classical Academy
  6. Brody Odmark, Army Navy

Womens Shortboard

  1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
  3. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  4. Maile Gaardner-Feingold, Bishops
  5. Alanna Butcher, La Jolla Country Day
  6. Molly Kirkpatrick, Serra

Womens Longboard

  1. Peyton Kemp, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Makena Foster, Classical Academy
  3. Moriah Kettler, Santa Fe Christian
  4. Maddy Giek, Francis Parker
  5. Kyla Gary, Serra
  6. Alanna Butcher, La Jolla Country Day


  1. Matty Klicsu, Rancho Buena Vista
  2. Josh Rasoul, Rancho Bernardo
  3. Isaacc Du, El Camino
  4. Leland Lugo, Army Navy
  5. Ryan Greenlee, Pacific Ridge

6.  Kalani Leibow, Bishops
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Directions to San Fernando Place:

From the 5 Fwy southbound exit Seaworld Drive turn right. Go about 2 miles and exit onto Ingrahm/W. Mission Bay Drive.
Stay in the right hand lane and take the loop to continue on W. Mission Bay Drive until it ends at Mission Blvd. turn Left. The Parking Lot is on the Right hand side just past the Roller Coaster and the Wave House.

We’ll be set up at the South end of the parking lot on the beach..