Santa Monica Tower 22- February 6

Team Results
Dos Pueblos 72      def    Villanova 22
Agoura 55             def    Buena 17
Santa Barbara 73  def    Malibu  39
Palisades 62          def    Thousand Oaks 42

Mens Shortboard
1st Aidan Gray, Palisades
2nd Vinny Leonelli, Dos Pueblos/SM
3rd Tyler Thornsley, Agoura
4th Kincade Orosco, Dos Pueblos
5th Matt Mahari, Santa Barbara
6th Mike Glazer, Agoura
Mens Longboard
1st Clay Pfaendler, Dos Pueblos
2nd Evan Trauntvein, Santa Barbara
3rd Matt Maheri, Santa Barbara
4th Jack Keough, Santa Barbara
5th Tray Candy, Dos Pueblos
6th Vinny Leonelli, Dos Pueblos/SM
Womans Shortboard
1st Isabella Radis, Santa Barbara
2nd Emy Yates, Santa Barbara
3rd Rachel Smiley, Thousand Oaks
4th Sara Toussieng, Malibu
5th Christina Stapke, Palisades
6th Arianna Wallis, Dos Pueblos/SM
Girls Longboard
1st Emy Yates, Santa Barbara
2nd Taylor Nelson, Thousand Oaks
3rd Shelby Sharp, Buena
4th Kelly Litchfield, Dos Pueblos
5th Isabella Radis, Santa Barbara
6th Moorea Maguire, Malibu
Body Board
1st Blake Bauer, Palisades
2nd Chris Fink, Palisades
3rd Dryden Brown, Santa Barbara
4th Evan Fuller, Dos Pueblos

IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR THIS EVENT ONLY:  The team vs team schedule will remain the same but the individual heat times will change as follows:

Individuals Start at 10:45
10:45   MSB  –  South & North
11:00   MSB  –  South & North
11:15  MLB South  /  WSB North
11:30  MLB South  /  WSB North
11:45  MSB South  /  WLB North
12:00  MSB South  /  WLB North
12:15 MLB Final  /  Break 15 Min North Area
12:30  BB Final  /  WSB Final
12:45  BSB Final  /  WLB Final
1:00 End Event Both Areas

Directions:  Take the 10 Freeway west, exit Lincoln turn Left to
Ocean Park turn Right to
(deadend) Neilson Way until the U-turn  to
Bicknell turn Right and go down the hill to the  parking lot.