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Channel Section’s Final Event

The last event of the Scholastic Surf Series Channel Section was held April 10th at C-st in Ventura in 2- to 4-foot surf.

Stand out surfers in the Boys Shortboard were: Parker Waugh, who scored a 9.5 doing backhad lacerating turns, Vinny Leonelli, who just seemed to be on every good wave, and Riley Garrison. In the Girls Shortboard, Arianna Wallis surfed really well to take the win. In the Men’s Longboard, Kyle Woods and Trevor Robbins were the boys to watch. The competitors who could read C-Street’s tricky pointbreak waves and execute solid cross-steeping, as well as toss their board into the lip prevailed. Emy Yates won the Women’s Longboard and she did it with style to spare. Bodyboard came down to two competitors with different styles: Chris Finck employed the stand-up and spin to win style and ended in 2nd while a more traditional approach by Tate Larrick took the win. Finck was so stoked with his 2nd place finish that he said he couldn’t wait for State’s.

This event marks the last of the season for our area, and the Channel Section crew cannot wait for next season. We had great support from our sponsors; SIMA, SUPER brand boards, Wave House, Surf Happens, Body Glove, Ransom Wax, and Vita-Water.

Team Results:

Malibu 53 def Buena 27
Santa Barbara 72 def Agoura 27
Dos Pueblos 80 vs Palisades 32
Lancers 70 def Villanova 28

Individual Results:

Mens Shortboard
1. Vinny Leonelli, Dos Pueblos
2. Charlie Dentzel, Dos Pueblos
3. Riley Garrison, Agoura
4. Parker Waugh, Dos Pueblos
5. Ashton Malkin, Agoura
6. Clay Pflander, Dos Pueblos

Mens Longboard
1. Trevor Robbins, Malibu
2. Heston Jordan, Buena
3. Clay Pflander, Dos Pueblos
4. Skylar Sausser, Agoura
5. Charlie Dentzel, Dos Pueblos
6. Kyle Woods, Lancers

Womens Shortboard
1. Arianna Wallis, Dos Pueblos
2. Isabelle Radis, Santa Barbara
3. Taylor Nelson, Lancers
4. Francis Grafton, Santa Barbara
5. Cassie Holmes, Lancers
6. Emy Yates, Santa Barbara

Womens Longboard
1. Emy Yates, Santa Barbara
2. Shelby Sharp, Buena
3. Caroline David, Dos Pueblos
4. Moorea Maguire, Malibu
5. Taylor Nelson, Lancers
6. Kelli Litchfield, Dos Pueblos

Coed Bodyboard

1. Tate Larrick, Santa Barbara
2. Chris Finck, Malibu
3. Blake Bauer, Palisades
4. Grady Lee, Dos Pueblos
5. Michael Barchilon, Lancers
6. Joe Shaneyfelt. Villanova