Summers Beach, Ventura – Oct 26, 2019

Our second SSS event of the season was held at Summers Beach in Ventura, CA. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with the sun shining bright and not even a bump of wind, it was picturesque. The glassy conditions were perfect for the middle school surfers especially since there is a great sand bar this time of year. The waves were in the 1-2 foot range and there were fun little corners that surfers were able to rip on. Thank you to the parents and coaches for helping make our contest run smoothly!

Team Results

  1. Malibu White 236
  2. Cabrillo 211
  3. Balboa 103
  4. Anacapa 94
  5. Santa Barbara Junior High 93
  6. Malibu Black 56
  7. Malibu Grey 55
  8. Santa Monica 38
  9. Santa Barbara Middle School 0

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Jackson Meskis, Malibu White
  2. Jonas Meskis, Malibu White
  3. Nick Carroll, Cabrillo
  4. Axel Mahl, Malibu White
  5. Caveh Carter, Malibu White
  6. Austen Gasser, Malibu White

Mens Longboard

  1. Austen Gasser, Malibu White
  2. Roman Higgins, Santa Barbara Junior High
  3. Matteo Costella, Malibu Grey
  4. Alex Meir, Malibu White
  5. Cole Sturgeon, Malibu Black
  6. Brandon Futoran, Anacapa

Womens Shortboard

  1. Talia Swindal, Malibu White
  2. Jessie Engel, Cabrillo
  3. Malia Ilagan, Cabrillo
  4. Luella Pace, Cabrillo
  5. Hazel Richard, Balboa
  6. Giseli Carvalho, Anacapa

Womens Longboard

  1. Malia Ilagan, Cabrillo
  2. Talia Swindal, Malibu White
  3. Luella Pace, Cabrillo
  4. Layla Polito, Malibu White
  5. Jessie Engel, Cabrillo
  6. Allegra Barzan, Malibu White

Coed Bodyboard

  1. Graydon Phelps, Malibu White
  2. Crue Ziskind, Santa Barbara Junior High
  3. Morgan Ellis, Cabrillo
  4. Jack Futoran, Anacapa
  5. Corey Muhlitner, Balboa
  6. Oliver Derreumaux, Malibu Black


Google Map click here

This is the stretch of beach just south of Solamar Beach and north of Emma Woods.


From Emma Woods take 101 north.

Exit State Beaches and head north.

Contest will be on your left side a few miles from where you exit.

Park along the beach head in to save space.


From Solamar Beach take 101 south.

Exit State Beaches


A few miles south of Solimar and before Emma Wood the contest will be on the right.

Park along the beach head in to save space.