Tar Pits, Carpenteria – Feb. 28, 2016

It was another beautiful Sunday for our LA to Santa Barbara High School Division 2 surf teams at Tar Pits. With the building (Brock Little) swell that showed up a day late, there were some 8 to 10 foot sets. It was big and heavy but all the teams were charging. Arroyo Grande was really showing their comfort level in the heavy conditions taking first place in the team vs team and scoring 49 overall team points. But the stand out wave of the morning was Clay Norian from Villanova scoring a perfect 10 in his longboard heat. The event was cancelled after the team vs team portion due to increasing swell and heavy conditions and for the safety of our surfers. Surfers that advanced into the Individual round of the event will each receive equal rating points as shown below.

Arroyo Grande 49 def Loyola 35
Villanova 45 def Morro Bay 42
Westlake 42 def Samo/Culver City
Calabasas 36 def Agoura 0

Mens Shortboard
24 surfers = equal 12th place each

Mens Longboard
12 surfers = equal 6th place each

Womens Shortboard
8 surfers = equal 4th place each

Womens Longboard
8 surfers = equal 4th place each

6 surfers = equal 3rd place each
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Take Palm to the State Park at the beach. Go south over Carpinteria  creek just south of a 2 story lifeguard tower and a clearing.