Tar pits, Carpinteria – Feb 5, 2017

It was a cloudy day in Carpinteria, but the conditions were just right for the High School Division 2 SSS event LA to Santa Barbara. The waves were in the three to four foot range with a peeling left and right on a nice little sand bar. Arroyo Grande took ten spots in the finals and dominated the day! Aaron Terrasas (Arroyo Grande) was ripping all day and found himself first in the Boys Shortboard Final. The super stoked, Luke Holscher (Loyola), won the Mens Longbaord Final, and still had time to make it to his Super Bowl party. Riley Cabanero (Arroyo Grande) dominated both the Womens Shortboard and Womens Longboard finals! She was a double champion and was surfing great all day. For the second weekend in a row, Mason McElvain, (Westlake) took the victory for the Bodyboard final.

Team Results Division 2

Arroyo Grande  54          def.             Muse  17

Ventura  46                     def.              Loyola  38

Westlake  38                   def.              Villanova  0

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Aaron Terrasas, Arroyo Grande
  2. Brysen Gastineau, Arroyo Grande
  3. Destin Setser, Arroyo Grande
  4. Davis Diamond, Muse
  5. Zac Avants, Ventura
  6. Liam Mudd, Loyola

Mens Longboard

  1. Luke Holscher, Loyola
  2. James Hazel, Arroyo Grande
  3. Zac Avants, Ventura Mason
  4. Brysen Gastiean, Arroyo Grande
  5. Zion Denzel, Ventura

Womens Shortboard

  1. Riley Cabanero, Arroyo Grande
  2. Jules Nesnadny, Ventura
  3. Claire Bardin, Loyola
  4. Olivia Sommer, Arroyo Grande

Womens Longboard

  1. Riley Cabanero, Arroyo Grande
  2. Olivia Sommer, Arroyo Grande
  3. Faith Hernandez, Loyola
  4. Annalie Ilagan, Ventura


  1. Mason McElvain, Westlake
  2. Zac Avants, Ventura
  3. Eithan Marquis, Arroyo Grande
  4. Jackson Linscomb, Loyola

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Take Palm to the State Park at the beach. Go south over Carpinteria  creek just south of a 2 story lifeguard tower and a clearing.