Ventura County Fairgrounds – April 27, 2014


Wind was the name of the game this weekend. Saturday blew so hard that even the kite boarders were staying at home. So it was a huge surprise that when we showed up Sunday morning to C-st that there was no wind… In fact it was really fun. Waves were in the head high range all day with a few bigger sets. This was the last event of the season for our area and there were some stand out performances to note. Adam Hogue nailed a 9 and an 8 in his short board semi. This was the highest heat total this year. SJ Murphy won every heat on his way to the final in the Short board division. In the Girls Short board final Gracey George laid down a frontside carve that would of scored well in the boys division. This score was a 9.5 and secured the win. In the Boys shortboard final Sam Reichel asked the judges where he should surf before the final and taking their advice dropped a 9 and a 6.5 to take the win. This event had all the makings to be a nightmare but with all the good vibes and happy kids the wind didn’t pose a problem till just as the event ended. Congrats to all the competitors on a great season!

1st. Santa Barbara Jr        181.5
2nd Crane                          175
3rd Malibu                          151
4th Lincoln                          130
5th  John Adams                137.5
6th Cabrillo                          132
7th Santa Barbara Middle   71.5
8th Balboa                          68
9th Los Cerritos                  33.5


Boys Shortboard
1. Sam Reichel            Crane
2. Matthew Pierce       Santa Barbara Jr.
3. Novalis Terzani        Malibu
4. Jace Kennedy         Crane
5. SJ Murphy              Malibu
6. Adam Hogue          Crane

Boys Longboard
1. Evan Blix                Santa Barbara Jr.
2. Chase Nelson        Santa Barbara Jr.
3. Isaac Fishman       John Adams
4. Matthew Pierce     Santa Barbara Jr.
5. Tommy Hurley       Cabrillo
6. Logan Charles       John Adams

Girls Shortboard
1. Gracey George        Lincoln
2. Kyralai Duppel         John Adams
3. Emma Hhiggins       Cabrillo
4. Nell Kerndt              John Adams
5. Sarah McKenzi        Malibu
6. Lilly Henley              Cabrillo

Girls Longboard
1. Alana Moore        Crane
2. Kyralai Duppel     John Adams
3. Betsey Lee           Malibu
4. Layla Lari             Lincoln
5. Ruby Singh         Cabrillo
6. Gigi Grossman   Lincoln

1. Whit Shelburne    Crane
2.Griffen Churchill    Malibu
3. Bryce Saldajeno   Los Cerritos
4. Lisa Mears           Lincoln.

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From Highway 101 exit on California St.
Turn left at California St.
Turn right at Harbor Blvd.
Take the second left onto Figueroa St.
Continue onto Shoreline Drive
Park in the Second parking lot.

There is a fee for all day parking