Ventura County Fairgrounds – Feb 11, 2017

It was a nice sunny day for the High School Division 2 event at Ventura Fairgrounds. With a nice 5 to 6 foot west swell and waves lining up down the point, the kids were stoked. It stayed nice and clean for most of the day until about 1:30 when the north west wind picked up pretty strong.  But it didn’t stop Taro Watanabe (Muse) from dropping a perfect 10 in the Mens Shortboard Final and coming out with the win. John Simon (Ventura) was displaying his local knowledge and great longboard skills and found himself in first place in the Men’s Longboard Final. With the current rushing down the point Kaya Weber (Ventura) managed to find a couple nugs and the win in the Woman’s Shortboard Final and Delaney Dillon also from Ventura took first place in the Woman’s Longboard Final.  Last, but not least taking first in the Bodyboard Final was Jackson Linscomb (Loyola).

Team Results Division 2

Arroyo Grande  48      def      Ventura 38

Muse  28                     def       Westlake 7

Loyola  59                   def       Villanova 0

Individual Results

Mens Shortboard

  1. Taro Watanabe, Muse
  2. Wesley Cherry, Ventura
  3. Liam Mudd, Loyola
  4. Aaron Terrasas, Arroyo Grande
  5. John Simon, Ventura
  6. Brysen Gastineau, Arroyo Grande

Mens Longboard

  1. John Simon, Ventura
  2. William Hobin, Loyola
  3. Arlo Reilly, Muse
  4. Joe Waxtein, Loyola
  5. Davis Diamond, Muse
  6. Brysen Gastineau, Arroyo Grande

Womens Shortboard

  1. Kaya Weber, Ventura
  2. Jules Nesnadny, Ventura
  3. Kelly Martin, Loyola

Womens Longboard

  1. Delaney Dillon, Ventura
  2. Riley Cabanero, Arroyo Grande
  3. Kelly Martin, Loyola


  1. Jackson Linscomb, Loyola
  2. Ethan Marquis, Arroyo Grande
  3. Zach Avants, Ventura


Google Map click here


From Highway 101 exit on California St.
Turn left at California St.
Turn right at Harbor Blvd.
Take the second left onto Figueroa St.
Continue onto Shoreline Drive
Park in the Second parking lot.

There is a fee for all day parking.