Ventura County Fairgrounds – Jan 26, 2014


Sunday morning dawned with pumping surf and glassy conditions. The first few heats came in and were stoked that we were surfing such great waves. The surf all day long pumped. Each heat had sets that would peel for 80 yards or more.
The highlights of the day were many. Tom Caen doing a full ARS on his bodyboard. It’s not often that you hear ohhs & ahhs from surfers watching the boadyboarding heats but there was a chorus of cheers. Frankie Seely dominated the Women’s short and long board divisions. Trae Candy showed style and grace to take the Long board division. Bronson Wheelon and Jeff Knell battled all day and it came down to the final few waves. Bronson continued his streak of winning every heat and took the final in style.


Santa Barbara 74  vs San Marcos 47
Agoura 51  vs Westlake  28
Loyola  38  vs Oak Park B  61
Malibu  86  vs Palisades 31
Villanova  33  vs Santa Monica 63
Ventura  90  vs  Oak Park A  42

Men’s Shortboard
1. Bronson Wheelon    Ventura

2. Jeff Knell                  Santa Barbara

3. Kyle Davis                Santa Barbara

4. Sam Harden             Dos Pueblos

5. Baron Hilton             Malibu

6. Vinny Leonelli           Dos Pueblos

Women’s Shortboard
1. Frankie Seely        Malibu

2. Vienna Werner      Oak Park

3. Jessee Ranson     Santa Barbara

4. Chloe Kleinman    Santa Monica

5. Lily Turner             Santa Barbara

6. Britni Tisdale        Dos Pueblos

Men’s Longboard 

1. Trae Candy          Dos Pueblos

2. Aaron Kinberg     Oak Park

3. Henry Buckley     Malibu

4. Evan Trauntvein   Santa Barbara

5. Owen Cockerill    Agoura

6. Jack Keough       Santa Barbara 

Woman’s Longboard

1. Frankie Seely        Malibu

2. Taylor Brunzeel     Ventura

3. Chloe Kleinman    Santa Monica

4. Vienna Werner      Oak Park

5. Jessee Ranson     Santa Barbara

6. Alexndra Poirier    Ventura


1. Tom Caen        Ventura

2. Ben Segal        Santa Monica

3. Tom Klane        Malibu

4 Sam Harden     Dos Pueblos

5. Jessica Jelinski  Agoura

5. Hutton Baker    Loyola

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From Highway 101 exit on California St.
Turn left at California St.
Turn right at Harbor Blvd.
Take the second left onto Figueroa St.
Continue onto Shoreline Drive
Park in the Second parking lot.

There is a fee for all day parking