WSA Announces Launch of Scholastic Surf Series for Middle School and High School Surf Teams

San Clemente, CA

The Western Surfing Association (WSA) is pleased to announce the addition of a new scholastic competition series for middle and high school surf teams. The new series, dubbed the Scholastic Surf Series (SSS) will provide a professionally managed and operated platform for school surf teams from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Teams competing in this new series can expect the same high quality events that the WSA is known for, including professional judging, quality events, and a family oriented program.

The Scholastic Surf Series will be run as a division of WSA by Carolyn Krammer, SSS Competition Director.  Carolyn is a legend in scholastic and amateur surfing circles and has been involved in the sport of surfing since 1963.  She has been the Competition Director for the Women’s International Surfing Association in the 70’s as well as the USSF Western Region, the ISF, and the WSA.  Carolyn will be working side-by-side with Administrative Director, Sue Lister, (Sue’s background info and skill set)

The series is open to high school and middle school surf teams from San Diego to Santa Barbara.  There are 3 sections, San Diego, Orange County and LA to Santa Barbara.  There is a division for San Diego Coastal Schools, San Diego Inland Schools, San Diego Middle Schools, Orange County Middle & High School and LA to Santa Barbara Middle School & High school students.  Each Section will consist of a series of 5 events culminating with the State Championships for both Middle School and High School.

The San Diego section will start with Middle School and Coastal High Schools, October 16 & 17, at San Fernando Place in Mission Beach.

San Diego High Schools Teams will be comprised of 9 Boys Shortboard, 3 Boys Longboard, 3 Girls Shortboard, 3 Girls Longboard and 1 or 2 Coed Bodyboard. San Diego & Orange County Middle Schools consist of 9 Boys Shortboard, 3 Boys Longboard, 2 Girls Shortboard, 2 Girls Longboard & 3 Coed Bodyboard.  Team sizes in the Los Angeles to Santa Barbara Section will be determined at a later date.

Contact Sue Lister, Administrative Director at 760-518-2727 [email protected] – or Carolyn Krammer, Competition Director at 760-439-0863 – [email protected].  The website is in the works and will be found at – join us on Facebook at and Twitter @surfsss